The Man With A Long Chin's Diary


Cartoon Prison


11 October 1996 - CARTOON PRISON

It's terrible being trapped in a prison full of cartoon characters. A fight broke out in the dinner queue last night, between Huckleberry Hound and Inch High Private Eye.

Hound threw a tray of hot peas into Eye's mouth, who retaliated by pinching the end of Hound's nose really hard.

The fight eventually broke up when Ranger Smith blew a whistle.

15 October 1996 - CARTOON PRISON

My bid to escape this crazy cartoon prison ended in disaster last night when the escape tunnel was discovered by Officer Dibble.

Luckily I was hiding in a barrel at the time, but my co-conspirators, Ariel the Little Mermaid and Noah and Nellie, were trapped underground. Rather than simply reprimand them for their actions, the evil Dibble filled the hole with coloured beads. My friends were utterly freaked out.

16 October 1996 - CARTOON PRISON

I've come up with a fool-proof way of escaping from this crazy cartoon prison: I'm just going to climb over the wall!

Captain Kirk out of Star Trek: The Animated Series, Man-At-Arms out of He-Man and Jason out of Battle of the Planets have agreed to distract the guards by putting on a ghost show. While the guards are watching their hilarious antics I'm going to vault over the top.

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