The Man With A Long Chin's Diary


In Ancient Greece


2 February 1996 - IN ANCIENT GREECE

I've been transported to Ancient Greece, which is quite surprising. I've used my knowledge of 20th century techniques to set myself up as a pen designer.

It's been quite a challenge - they're not used to nibs or Berols, and every time I try to demonstrate a new prototype, I get beaten up.

I've designed a pen they can relate to: it's based on a kitten's face.

3 February 1996 - IN ANCIENT GREECE

I'm really enjoying my time in Ancient Greece. My day starts with a drink of asp's milk, followed by a meaty beef discus. Then it's off to the forum to watch the lion tamers.

Then I visit the temple, where everyone is supposed to slap an ox jaw about. This is called "washing the children".

Just before I go to bed, my servants clean the soot off my trilby.

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