The final Digitiser letters page

Congrats on 10 years of quality. You will be sorely missed.
David McEvoy

First Lam-Jam and now Digitiser - can my life get any worse? Heh heh. Take care you crazy kids.
Lee Povey

Your unbridled honesty and irreverent style will be sorely missed.
The Great Satan

Really sad to hear of Digi's imminent demise. You were brilliant, funny, and my only source of games news, to be honest. You'll be greatly missed.
Barrie Ellis

Goodbye and thanks for some top laughs over the years.
Paul Morris

He may smell like a brewer's gusset and have an abnormally enlarged head, but I for one will miss the delightfully obstinate Meester Biffo. Now I know how my sister felt the day Robbie left Take That. It just isn't fair.
Paul King

Press reveal to see what Gary Barlow is up to these days:

Gary Barlow

Just to let you know that if you go I'll kill myself, then you'd be an accessory to suicide. DON'T Go!
Dan Lee

Too late. Press reveal to see where we're going to:

Notre Dame Disco

I just hope your successor won't be a Cyber-X-esque "Daddy Cool".

Having had 100+ letters printed over the years, I feel it would make my life complete to appear on screen the day Digi "dies". Since I have nothing new or interesting to say, could I just reveal that my real name is "Simon". Good luck Biffo.
Celery Marsahll

WHY CHANGE? If it ain't broke, don't fix it...

Trying telling that to Mr Biffo. He's got a terminal illness!

As a fully paid-up Digitiser zealot, who hasn't missed more than a single day in five years, I am deeply shocked at this most unexpected and disturbing development. Why was there no clear warning? Man it was going to be such a nice day as well. ****!
Richard Deniz

Thank you Digi for being a part of my life for 10 years. I can honestly say you have been the only thing guaranteed to make me laugh EVERY SINGLE DAY. Mr Biffo you are da bomb.

What? When was this decided? Man, this is the worst news EVER.
Bridget Rooney

Mean Machines gone, Super Play gone, and now Digi - there's nothing left to read!

What the hell will happen to all the characters?
Keith Foreman

There's no need to swear, George. Now press reveal to find out:

Men And Motors

I can't believe you're going away. Your off-the-wall sense of humour was something to look forward to each day.
Wetflame Gyrochaos

Oh, Biffo. Why you leave? You brought the gift of laughter into the stale, tawdry, lewd world of games journalism.

Press reveal for the final Tin Woodsman:

Tin Man

Just so you know, when Digi ends I will end my own life. Hope you can live with that on your conscience.
Julie Wall

So that's it then? You're leaving me after 10 years together? Bet you're going to that Fat Sow's aren't you? Well, don't think for a minute that I'll miss you... Waaaaaah! Don't go!
Richard Kirman1@

Pff. Press reveal to see Batman:


Goodbye Digi. For the last 10 years I always knew that I could count on you to make me laugh, no matter how bad a day I was having. You'll be sorely missed.
Richard Sweeney

What are you gonna do when you leave Digi? Are you going to carry on with or do something else? Will Knife & Wife be on again? You can't just abandon us, man.

Biffo's been bought by a rich sheikh, to be his private dancer. He pays far more than you can ever hope to, love.

I've read Digi more times than I can remember and you've made me late for work more times than I care to mention. Goodbye and give the Tinman's nuts a tweak for me.
Iain Catto

Press reveal to see the Funny Dancers:

Funny Dancers

I'd just like to say thanks for a superb service over the years and no end of amusement with the stuff you've done. Oh, and cheers for the info for my Business Studies GCSE coursework some nine years ago!
Daniel Eustice

Just like to say thanks for the excellent mix of news, reviews and off-the-wall comment. Sad to see you go. GameCentral will have to go some to meet your standards.

Digi has been a breath of fresh air in the dog breath of gaming journalism.
Matt Crerar

The Amiga lasted longer than you losers! You were ****! GOOD RIDDANCE!

Press reveal to see what your house looks like:

Anderson Shelter For Skanks

Do you know of any important moments from the annals of Digi history that have been omitted? If so, then mail me ( right now, man. Credit will be duly given for anything that gets put up.

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