The Man With A Long Chin's Diary


2001 AD


23 November 23 1999 - 2001 AD

I borrowed a time machine over the weekend, and used it to visit the future. My first port of call was the space year 2001 AD, and let me tell you - it's too bad most of us won't live to see it!

In 2001 AD, fashions have become extreme, with people walking around with cardigans wrapped around their feet, and pumpkins strapped to their faces (they see where they're going via a complex series of prisms known as "The Voyeur"). Also, cars are obsolete, having been replaced by superfast mutant lemurs called "Leroys".

24 November 1999 - 2001 AD

I'm privelged to be visiting the space year 2001 AD courtesy of a borrowed time machine. Things are very different here in the future; democracy has been replaced by an all-new system, dubbed "Pol-Sys 412.4".

Instead of us voting for our leaders in a traditional sense, the existing government holds an art competition, and voters have to draw or paint which political candidate they want to become Emperor Of The Galactic Imperium. The candidate who has had the best portrait done is elected. Also, the artist responsible wins £5!

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