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Adult Education


16 January 1995 - ADULT EDUCATION

In an attempt to get more clever, I've enrolled in an adult education course. I'm learning how to draw nudes, or something.

The first lesson didn't go especially well. When the model came into the room and began to pose, I felt funny, and drew a picture of a flat. I don't know why.

17 January 1995 - ADULT EDUCATION

My art lessons aren't going too well. Last night's class was about drawing hives.

I went for a closer look at our subject, but fell over when the teacher, James Winx, threw a cloth at me. I tumbled onto the hive, and out popped Mrs Winx, who'd been drinking wax.

19 January 1995 - ADULT EDUCATION

I've transferred to a different evening class: first aid.

Our teacher is Dr Telemetry Rence, and for our first lesson he bought dead birds into the class to demonstrate burns.

Suffice to say what followed was not what anyone had expected. He ate them!

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