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Being An Exorcist


14 October 1995 - BEING AN EXORCIST

I got my new company vehicle today. It's a tiny rocket-car with a little trailer for my Genger's tray.

I came up with a whole load of names for my firm - HR Ghost-Away, Spectrevision, Phantom of the Off-Now, HB Ghost-Away..

In the end I settled on a more traditional choice that I feel will best reflect the quality of service I shall be offering: I, Peppery.

21 October 1995 - BEING AN EXORCIST

Something bad has happened. I was trying to chase away a family of German ghosts, or "geeth", when I was sucked into a vortex.

Inside were all the ghosts I’d ever exorcised. They told me that the vortex was a sort of stadium for people who were ghosts.

That sounds a bit funny, doesn’t it? I certainly think so.

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