The Man With A Long Chin's Diary


Halloween Party


31 October 1995 - HALLOWEEN PARTY

My Halloween party is going to be so great. Listen to these preparations:

  1. 1. All rooms to be filled with flies.
  1. 2. Bath to be sprayed with "horror resin" from the joke shop.
  1. 3. Guests to be greeted by a gangster dressed up as a gangsta rapper.
  1. 4. Food made to look like gravestones.

1 November 1995 - HALLOWEEN PARTY

My Hallowe'en party didn't go so well. We had a lot of gatecrashers from the estate who ran in and released spores into the living room.

One of them threatened my guests with a skunk in a bag, while the rest kicked the fridge open and trod bits of chicken all over the house.

It ended when one of the guests offered to wash the chicken off the intruders' shoes.

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