The Man With A Long Chin's Diary




12 February 2003 - HENHOUSE

I've got a new job working in one of Europe's largest henhouses. It's a lot of fun, but I've started to suspect that my supervisor hates hens. He's got a T-shirt which reads "I HATE HENS", and the other day he told me that he really hates hens.

13 February 2003 - HENHOUSE

Working in Europe's largest henhouse can be gruelling sometimes. You see, the reason that the house is so large is that it's home to Europe's largest hens.

These hens are so large that they generate their own gravity field. It makes collecting the eggs a real chore.

14 February 2003 - HENHOUSE

There are many benefits to working in Europe's largest henhouse. Chief among these is the recreation area, which features a number of hen-related games.

There's hen billiards, hen speed painting, hen darts, shove ha'hen-ny, spin the hen… it really is a lot of hen fun. Hen!

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