The Man With A Long Chin's Diary


In Hell


15 February 1994 - IN HELL

I had a bit of a fright yesterday. It would appear that "Clarkuss" and I have arrived in Hell. Isn't that awful?

It turns out that I never came back from the dead at all. It's like that film with that filthy creature, the dog, in it.

16 February 1994 - IN HELL

It's turned out that following my murder, Arch-angel Gabriel sent me to Hell to track down my killer.

"Clarkuss" has found some bits which may turn out to be clues. One of these bits is an 'oss. And so are all the others.

19 February 1994 - IN HELL

Late Lynyrd Skynyrd vocalist Ronnie Van Zant was kind enough to drive "Clarkuss" and I to my killer's house last night.

We spent the evening drawing pictures of swallows, and working out a plan of action. "Clarkuss" reckons we should smack him up.

22 February 1994 - IN HELL

After a violent and lengthy probing, Les Paul confessed his reasons for cutting me down in my pant.

It transpires that I once sold him a dodgy anvil, and he's been seeking revenge ever since. We smacked him up a bit and sent him packing. Off home now.

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