The Man With A Long Chin's Diary


In The 4th Dimension


7 July 1994 - IN THE 4TH DIMENSION

I arrived on a world last night where the residents used to use hoses as mirrors. Clearly this was a really stupid mistake.

Nowadays, all hoses are gone. I have reported my findings to Wings. They were not very interested! They pooh-poohed my report.

8 July 1994 - IN THE 4TH DIMENSION

All this travelling to new worlds has begun to take its toll. I, on the other hand, have begun to take its troll!

Toll, troll, toll, troll - let's call the whole thing off!!

As you can see, I am no match for troll.

9 July 1994 - IN THE 4TH DIMENSION

I have been taken prisoner by the natives of a new world. I am trying to send a message back to Wings by burning croissants.

Unfortunately, these natives love French pastry, and keep scoffing them. I shall have to burn my limbs.

11 July 1994 - IN THE 4TH DIMENSION

It's awful. I was stuck in a big pot and eaten by natives last night.

I shall have to end all communications until such time as I am ejected.

Goodbye, and may God go with you.

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