The Man With A Long Chin's Diary


Joining A Cult


25 January 1994 - JOINING A CULT

I did a gig at Planet Pond last night, and when I was packing away the PA this girl came up and gave me a leaflet full of mystical runes.

"Clarkuss" said it was hippy garbage, but the more I read through it, the clearer everything is.

26 January 1994 - JOINING A CULT

I'm feeling a lot more confident about what I now call my "ethoscarp" life-light; and it's all down to the wonderful Temple of Evil Love.

That leaflet I got has made me realise how the world can be changed by doing all their things.

27 January 1994 - JOINING A CULT

"Clarkuss" tried to stop me, but last night I cancelled the Orchards gig and went to my first Temple of Evil Love "Waterfall of Golden Bliss".

All the Evil Brethren dressed me up in ceremonial ski-pants and shaved my stomach bare. We ate cakes.

28 January 1994 - JOINING A CULT

Called off... bookings. DJ life... shallow... worthless.

Temple of Evil Love... teaches that... all stuff belongs... to... our father - Dr Derek Doctors. He has... decreed that my new Moulino 4000 PA... should be kicked in.

29 January 1994 - JOINING A CULT


Right. "Clarkuss" here. You can see from the picture that the Man has been brain-washed by those dirty pant-washers from the Temple of Evil Love.

I've rounded up some of the boys, and they're ready to give some serious aggro.

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