The Man With A Long Chin's Diary


Turkey Farm


12 December 1997 - TURKEY FARM

I've got a new job now working on a turkey farm. I'm not too sure what it is that goes on here, but there's an incredibly high turnover of turkeys.

As soon as I make a friend, he's inevitably called - along with all the other turkeys - to a large building at the end of the compound. Presumably, it's in there that the site manager gives the turkeys their notice, because I never see them again. Some day soon I'm gonna sneak in there with a camera and document what goes on...

13 December 1997 - TURKEY FARM

I'm starting to get very suspicious about the goings-on at this turkey farm. Last night I accidentally wandered into the large building at the end of the compound.

Inside was what could only be described as a big pair of robot scissors, and the floor was covered with sticky feathers, and I think I stepped on and crushed a beak. I'm just hoping that it's actually a rehabilitation clinic for turkeys suffering from feath-drop and beak-snap.

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