The Man With A Long Chin's Diary


Window Cleaner


10 June 1997 - WINDOW CLEANER

I've got a new job as a window cleaner. I had a bit of trouble yesterday: I ran out of water while cleaning the windows of a particularly rich customer.

I didn't want to disappoint him by not being able to clean the windows, so I created the impression that they were super-clean by breaking all of them with stones. I would have probably got away with it, but the customer wanted to know why I had replaced the frosted glass in his bathroom with clear.

11 June 1997 - WINDOW CLEANER

You wouldn't believe the things I see - when I'm cleaning windows. Last night I was cleaning Patrick Moore's bedroom windows, and caught sight of the popular astrologer peddling his exercise bike - completely naked!

I didn't want to be sick, so I tried scaring Moore out of his bedroom by hammering on the window and pretending to be a vampire. He didn't seem at all scared. He just looked really confused and upset.

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