The Man With A Long Chin's Diary


Organising A Show

1 April 1995

I'm Phoning Honey, the phonester as a prankster.

As it the first weekend in the month of Ape, I thought I'd perform some of my famous pranks.

I begin by posing as an ex-soldier attempting to organise a video games convention.

The names of the plates have clearly been changed.

US: Do you have convention facilities?

HOTEL: Yes we do. What size did you have in mind?

US: 325.

HOTEL: Is that people?

US: I... I'm not sure, now.

HOTEL: What sort of convention is it?

US: Video games. Would there be space for us to use motor bikes?

HOTEL: What on earth would you want to use motor bikes for?

US: Well, would we be able to drive them up and down the stairs, as part of a display? All along ze corridors...

HOTEL: I really don't think so!

US: Why not, Doc?

HOTEL: We have a very select clientele. Lots of businessmen, and I don't think they'd appreciate it.

US: Look, love, if any of these businessmen complain we'll buy them a drink or something.

HOTEL: That isn't likely to help. They come back here after work and are usually very tired. I'm very sorry.

US: Tell you what, we'll just set up in the car park. Put some ramps up and stuff. Have you heard of Jason Bonson?

HOTEL: Jason Bonson?

US: We want to do some stunts. Oh, come on. Please.

HOTEL: I really don't think so.

US: Do you have a chimney?

HOTEL: I dread to think what you'd use a chimney for!

US: Well, it's for Father Christmas.

HOTEL: Er... who is this?

US: Goodbye!

Now come on - it's time to see the result of the prank: how well it works.

STAGE 1: Begins to work.

STAGE 2: Susp EK4!

STAGE 3: The sting.

I hope my findings have proved useless to me. In summary then: the prank works. Stage 1 worked very well. Excellent.

Do you know of any important moments from the annals of Digi history that have been omitted? If so, then mail me ( right now, man. Credit will be duly given for anything that gets put up.

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