The Man With A Long Chin's Diary


Regulator Prank

13 April 1996

I am Phoning Honey - the telephone-trick-monk.

In my unending quest to humiliate and degrade the vid-game shop-folk, I again find myself ringing them in the guise of a prankster.

This week, I have been posing as an official from the Office of Interactive Entertainment Trading: AEIOU. The real name of the shop has been replaced.


US: Good afternoon. May I speak with your manager? Mmm?

WG: Speaking.

US: Ah, yes. I'm calling from AEIOU, the Office of Fair Interactive Entertainment Trading. I wonder if you could answer a few questions for me.

WG: I'm sorry, who are you? From where?

US: I'm the new regulatory body.

WG: What is it that you want, sir?

US: Sir? I see. We need to get a few details off you regarding your operation. For the record.

WG: Like what?

US: Like, how do you do

WG: How do I do what?

US: How do you dress?

WG: Why do you want to know how I dress?

US: It's important to know what sort of image you're portraying. It might intimidate your customers if you wore a Spider-Man outfit!

WG: Ha ha ha. Well, I'm just wearing jeans and a shirt right now.

US: Oh dear. I hope it's not a sweatshirt with a decal of a ghost.

WG: Who did you say you are again?

US: I'm an image consultant.

WG: You said you worked for the Government. This is a wind-up.

US: I never said I worked for the Government. You probably got confused by the high-pitched sounds I emit.

WG: I've had enough of this.

US: Go to Hell!

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