Hollywood has always been sequel-mad. Right from the earliest days of the many Dracula and Mummy films, the quest for an easy profit has driven many directors and studios. Jan "Speed 2 was a legitimate project" de Bont springs to mind. Even Steven Spielberg has succumbed to sequelitis, as Digi showed us, revealing the legendary early scripts for the sequel to his 1982 BT-advertising, "small brown" alien film, E.T. :


ELLIOT'S MOM: Why the long face, honey?

ELLIOT: I wish ET were still here.

ELLIOT'S MOM: Here - have this.

ELLIOT: A present? Oh wow! Let me take a look inside! What the...? It's ET, but... he's dead, mom.

ELLIOT'S MOM: I'm sorry, honey. I forgot to put airholes in the box.

ELLIOT: It's okay. We can still have fun. Wheee! Ha ha! ET go high! Ha ha!


ELLIOT'S MOM: Honey, I wish you wouldn't drag that dead alien around with you.

ELLIOT: But, mom - this is ET!

ELLIOT'S MOM: I know who it is, but he's starting to smell.

ELLIOT: It's okay, mom. Any day now he's going to come back to life!

ELLIOT'S MOM: I don't think so, honey. For a start, his head has fallen off...


ELLIOT'S MOM: Honey, the man from the FBI is here to see you.

AGENT SPROUT: Hello, Elliot. I hear on the grapevine that you're looking after a dead alien.

ELLIOT: It isn't true! I'm not!

AGENT SPROUT: No? Then what's that rotting, ET-shaped carcass draped across your shoulders?

ELLIOT: That's... my... hat?


TEACHER: Elliot! Haven't I told you about bringing that thing in here?

ELLIOT: But Mr Brown - this is ET!

TEACHER: ET went back to space, Elliot. That's a dead cat.

ELLIOT: No it isn't. It's ET. Look - he's talking... "ET phooone hooome".

TEACHER: That's you moving it's mouth with your hands and putting on a stupid croaky voice.

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