What is it with those Hollywood idiots? They seem to relentlessly scour the world for decent ideas for films for them to plunder. It doesn't even matter to the greasy, coked-up plagiarists that what they're turning into their latest popcorn-spattered gorm-me-do is already a popular franchise in another territory. They assume that their punters are all stupid, and so twist the original premise of the film and repackage it for maximum green-backed effect. As was the case with the late '90s Puff Daddy-soundtracked Godzilla reboot. Okay, so the original Japanese series wasn't exactly Citizen Kane (or even Citizen Smith, for that matter), but they still had to go and wipe their oily fingers over the licence, changing Godzilla from good-natured lizard-guy with headache, to malevolent, people-cussing sub-din' freak. And now look what they've done. As Digi revelaed, they just wouldn't leave it alone...


SCIENTIST: It's finally safe to walk the streets of New York City now that the monster Godzilla is dead.

SOLDIER: It sure is... wait - what's that rumbling sound?

SCIENTIST: Gasp! It's Godzilla, and he's bigger than ever.

SOLDIER: Wait a minute. He's trying to tell us something by tapping his big feet on the ground... What's that you say, Godzilla? Old Man Parker has fallen down a well?


SCIENTIST: This is awful. Godzilla has gone on a rampage and destroyed half of downtown Manhatten.

SOLDIER: Maybe Godzilla is just misunderstood.

SCIENTIST: Hmmm... You could be right. I think I know just how to stop his rampage of destruction.


SCIENTIST: We destroy him with a massive pile of explosives!


SCIENTIST: I've been thinking, and it seems to me that Godzilla is just a little misunderstood.

SOLDIER: You're right. Perhaps what he needs is counselling.

SCIENTIST: I agree. I'm sure his antisocial problems stem from a lack of parents, what with him coming out of an egg and that. Why don't we build a big rubber mummy Godzilla to lure him out?

SOLDIER: Yes! And then we can blow them up!


SCIENTIST: I think we can stop Godzilla's rampage by distracting him with a pop concert.

SOLDIER: What do you mean?

SCIENTIST: Well, I've written a rap which might just be what Godzilla needs to hear. It goes a little like this:

    My name is Goddy Z,

    And I wanna be,

    The biggest lizard mutha in NYC.

SOLDIER: Oh man... that's so cool.


SCIENTIST: Oh, it's too bad that Godzilla had to die. He was such a nice giant monster.

SOLDIER: Yes. Apart from all the times he killed people, he was very kind.

SCIENTIST: He's so big, though; what are you going to do with his corpse?

SOLDIER: We'll probably blow it up like they do with whales.


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