Indiana Jones is surely Super Dude 26 - there can be no doubting that. He wanders all over the world looking cool in that excellent hat and beat-up old leather jacket of his. He gets to swing about the place on a "bull" "whip", nab some precious ancient artefact or other that'll make him famous; dodge a few booby traps, escape, and then fly off home, back to his day job: teaching archeology to a bunch of girls who swoon over the hoary old adventurer. Who wouldn't want that kind of life? Why, he's so cool that he even had a US named after him! Forget for a second that because he did all this in the 1930s he probably had really skanky teeth, and smelt of BO and carbolic soap - it meant that he got to smack the hell out of a load of Nazis the whole time, and that can only be a good thing. Indiana Jones is a dude - and now Digi have unveiled the draft scripts for his next outing for us to enjoy.


INDIANA JONES: If I can just remove this big stone, I'll be able to get inside the pyramid, and finally recover the Magic Golden Beetle Of Ankhus!

INDIANA JONES'S DAD: What's that you say, junior?

INDIANA JONES: The Golden Beetle, dad - the reason why we've trekked halfway around the world. To find the Beetle!

INDIANA JONES'S DAD: I don't remember anything about a beetle.

INDIANA JONES: Man, senility sucks.


INDIANA JONES: Look - look at me, dad! I'm cracking my whip real hard this time. Crakkk! Whappp! Ha ha ha!

INDIANA JONES'S DAD: What's that you say, junior?

INDIANA JONES: I said I'm practising with my whip. Watch...


INDIANA JONES: What?! What did I do?!

INDIANA JONES'S DAD: Nothing I stabbed myself with the arm of my glasses.

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