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And His Boardgames


25 September 1995 - AND HIS BOARDGAMES

Eldritch has thrown me out of his house because I kept talking about this idea I have for a new board game.

Check this out: it's called Rono-olopoley. The aim is to move your piece as fast around the board as possible. The beauty of it is, because it's so fast, you don't need dice. The other players have to put you off by weighing themselves in your face. The board is 16 metres long.

26 September 1995 - AND HIS BOARDGAMES

I managed to get an interview with a leading board game manufacturer.

I'd built prototypes of my games from bits of felt and canvas, but what really impressed them was when I jumped onto the desk and shouted the names of my games through a rolled-up menu.

"Rono-olopoley! Lewdo! Game of Dirt! Curb Hell! Frozen Chase! Vickers 45!"

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