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Centre Of The Earth


29 July 1995 - CENTRE OF THE EARTH

Having successfully faked my death, I'm now holed up in a volcano. My aim? To journey to the centre of the Earth.

I've hired a guide who knows what to do. His name is Lars Feet, and he's actually a snake. He's recommended we also take along his brother King-Features (bear), his cousin Bruin the Artist (ants) and his father Sparks (puffer fish).

31 July 1995 - CENTRE OF THE EARTH

On our journey to the Earth's core, we've already discovered traces of a previous expedition.

My guide Lars Feet, a snake, came across the journal of Pultney dei Romance, the French explorer. In a chilling entry he describes how his party were humiliated by a giant "living hive". He says the hive called them all "magnet-boys" and "cup-men".

1 August 1995 - CENTRE OF THE EARTH

Our journey to the centre of the Earth has run into further difficulties.

Yesterday we encountered a steaming tribe of "Magma Men". We managed to strike up a rapport, but came unstuck after Lars Feet (snake) tried to force their leader to milk his venom. He was so outraged by this that he summoned 12 lava wolves to spit putty into our navels.

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