The Man With A Long Chin's Diary


Del Boy-Style Trader

15/1/97 - 17/1/97

16 January 1997 - DEL BOY-STYLE TRADER

Me and my brother Robley came into possession of forty unusual toasters last night. What's unusual about them? Well, for a start you put the bread in a slot in the side, which is fairly unusual.

Also, when the toaster tries to cook the bread it just makes a buzzing sound and emits dangerous sparks. Not only do the sparks fail to cook the bread, but they're also very hot. Poor old Robley got the shock of his life - literally - when he put his tongue in the slot.

17 January 1997 - DEL BOY-STYLE TRADER

Selling dodgy stuff down the market is all well and good, but Robley and me are getting bored with it. For a change we've hired ourselves out as chandelier putter-uppers - with hilarious results!

Some old rich bird wants us to put a chandelier up in her giant aviary. Ordinarily this wouldn't be a problem, but poor Robley is allergic to birds. You should have seen the laughs we had getting that chandelier up. Old Robley kept lapsing into a coma!

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