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Oasis Tribute Band


22 February 1997 - OASIS TRIBUTE BAND

My Oasis tribute band, now called Oh-A-Narcissus, and I, have played our first gig at the opening of a ciggy factory in Manchester.

I thought we played a great set, steaming through classics like Cigarettes and Rahul Cahill, Wonder Rahul, Rock and Rahul Starr, Rahul Forever, Rahul With It, Rahul Might Say and Champagne Supernova (Rahul). All our songs are about our drummer, Rahul Cahill, whose unusual behaviour is having a profound effect on me.

24 February 1997 - OASIS TRIBUTE BAND

Because we can no longer be bothered to play instruments on stage, the band and I have taken to playing a scratched copy of Springsteen's The Ghost of Tom Joad over the PA.

The needle jumps from track to track, and as a result is indistinguishable from anything by Oasis. To complete the effect, we have a fight on stage, and mouth off about how we love our fans. Then we walk off to buy a house. We're mad for it!

25 February 1997 - OASIS TRIBUTE BAND

We entered the National Tribute Band Competition last night, but were disqualified when we got into a fight with a Dr Hook tribute band called Doctor Who-Kirk. They dress as characters out of the Who and the Trek.

We were so angry, we disrupted the performance of a Haircut 100 tribute band called Chair-Sup 2,000, by attacking them. A Marillion tribute band, called Berillium, tried to pull us off, but we threw some candles at them and they ran away.

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