The Man With A Long Chin's Diary


On Insect Island

27/4/96 - 29/4/96

27 April 1996 - ON INSECT ISLAND

Our submarine ran out of fuel last night, and now we're stuck up the side of a hill. Food supplies are running low, so we sent a team out to hunt for giant insects to eat.

After five minutes we heard a siren go off out in the jungle, and our team came crashing through the undergrowth and began banging on the hull. But we couldn't let them in; they were being followed by a couple of big crabs.

29 April 1996 - ON INSECT ISLAND

Our situation has worsened, and we decided last night to appease the giant insects outside our sub by shooting bits of soiled clothing through the torpedo tubes.

Initially, this seemed to do the trick, one spider bonding closely with one of my old collars. Yet within half an hour the creatures had become enraged, and a big woodlouse began spitting stuff down the periscope.

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