The Man With A Long Chin's Diary


Poet Laureate


30 March 1999 - POET LAUREATE

I've got a new job as the Poet Laureate. What this means is that I'm the best poet around. I get to go to posh lunches and recite my poems. Such as my poem, Dysephene's Call:

There was a young cow from Milan,
Who dreamed of a hat made of Spam,
She dreamed and she dreamed,
And she dreamed and she dreamed,
But never did the goddess Dysephene answer her call,
Dysephene had abandoned that cow,
And that's really bad.

1 April 1999 - POET LAUREATE

As Poet Laureate, I feel it is my duty to bring as many forms of poetry to the masses as possible. Here is a special sort of poem called "Slidey":








Can be fun.

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