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Top DJ


15 June 1999 - TOP DJ

I've got a new job as a top DJ. Currently I have a regular gig at a local working men's club, doing the music on Saturday dance night. However, I'm not entirely sure the clientele appreciate my phat beats.

I started with a track by Fluke, cross-fading with a Moby remix when one of the patrons approached and started shouting something. I figured he was getting off on the vibes, so I blew my whistle at him and repeatedly pointed at the floor in a gesture of "getting on down". It was around then that he attacked my turntable with a fire axe.

16 June 1999 - TOP DJ

I really like being a top DJ. I've secured a new regular gig at a local youth club for under-14s. I really think these kids appreciate the vibe I'm trying to get across. I kick off the evening with something campy, like Shirley Bassey, which I usually cross-fade into some hardcore beats or progressive house, finishing with an ambient trance.

I have had some complaints from local residents and parents that the music is too loud, but I just told them that if they didn't like it, they didn't have to listen. Superstar DJ - here we go!

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