The Man With A Long Chin's Diary


Adult Circus


10 August 1995 - ADULT CIRCUS

At my interview for a job with his Adult Circus, Don Sweet made me stand on the table and swear at a picture of a clown.

As far as I can work out, the set-up here is pretty much like a normal circus, but with loads of swearing, and a tent done up to look like a "doughnut".

My jobwill involve coming up with new names for acts, as well as helping out as one of the Rude Clowns.

12 August 1995 - ADULT CIRCUS

I've been trying to make the circus better by devising a brilliant new act: "The Dancing Egg".

Picture this: a spotlight picks out a lone egg resting on a snare drum.

As the music builds, tiny pistons hidden in the drum's skin cause the egg first to shiver, and then, to the gasps of the audience, to shimmy. Eventually, the tottering egg convulses.

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