19 JULY 2018

The mission to continue documenting the major hallmarks of Digi continues: today's update is a brand new page of reveals! Obviously, with more than ten years of Digitiser having been produced, this is far from complete - but there's some lovely stuff in here, and I'll be adding to it as more gets discovered. Reveal button chak-chak? Chak-chak-reveal-chak-chak!

12 JULY 2018

On 4 July I was lucky enough to be invited up to watch a day of filming for Digitiser The Show. To say it was a fantastic experience would not be going nearly far enough - and you can now read a full report of the day's filming, complete with photos, to find out exactly why. Oh, and to learn about how the show's coming along too, that bit's interesting as well, I suppose.

10 JULY 2018

There's something a bit different for you in this update: we now have Morse & Lewis reunited and on their own page, plus a new page parading Digi's joke adverts from down the years. But that's not the really exciting thing! The really exciting thing is this thing: Paul Mallinson, ex-staffer of SNES mag Super Control in the early-to-mid '90s, has provided a wealth of pictures from their crossover with Digi during that time - and I've collected them together in a gallery page. So we have a few of The Man's comic strips, illustrations by Mr Biffo, and even an extra previously-unseen photo from the 1993 Digitiser / Super Control Lard Challenge. This is super-rare stuff, man: hardly anyone has seen it for years. And now it's here (here). Bo!

3 JULY 2018

A whole load of different stuff for you in this update - we have a few extra outings for not just Zombie Dave and The Snakes (scroll to the bottom of their pages for two updates each), but Mr T as well. He also has two more messages for you - go down to the bottom of the first section, above the problem page, and you'll find them both. On top of that, there's a few more Digi top 10s, and there's even some more Man Diaries from 1998 to for you to enjoy:

26 JUNE 2018

Hot on the heels of The Snakes, now it's Zombie Dave's turn to get a page all to himself! This should bring smiles to the faces of his putrid friends among the living dead, all frrrrrgn wrrrrrnggggrrrrrrz, and anyone else in fact.

21 JUNE 2018

This is the moment many will have been waiting for since this site's return - including me. Yes, prepare to be cussed bad, as The Snakes get their own page at last. You can thank @wagoo on Twitter for sending me a bulging sack full of old TV card files, mostly from 1998, which captured a whole load of the reptilian duo's earliest appearances on Digi - including the very first one, on 11 August 1998. Massive respect, man.

13 JUNE 2018

There's a real treat for you in this update: the 10th anniversary article that Edge published about Digi in January 2003 has been added to the site in its full 5,000+ words glory. And there's more where that came from...

4 JUNE 2018

We've nearly exhausted the available Digi that's out there on the web to be archived, but there's still some more for you in this update. We have 11 limericks from that crazy Edward Lear guy, and a whole bunch of spoof scripts: five Star Wars, five EastEnders, and three Planet Of The Apes. All the latest stuff has been added to the bottom of the pages - it dates from July to September 2001, so like the recent Man Diary updates, this comes from the final days before the shadow of Digigate was cast across the land. As far as future updates go, I still have a lot of transcription to do as there are plenty of quotes to be added, but after that we'll be moving onto completely new pages of content for the site. Mmmm!

1 JUNE 2018

A mixed bag for this update, with a variety of stuff from the final days of Digi on Teletext from 2003. The last 13 Man Diaries to be published are now available (from the days where he only had half the usual space, as he was sharing a pages with the tips), along with The Man's Daddy climactic four jokes from Digi's big blowout last week on air (search for 'kraken', and they're the next four down). And! Not only that, but we get a couple of outings from Mr T as well! Once more, this is from the last week of Digi from March 2003 - search for 'homebuyers' to find the two that have been added. Now is the time for the listing of the Man Diaries:

30 MAY 2018

The final 19 Man Diaries of 2001 have been added to the archive tonight - these are the last ones missing for the whole year, and cover the 'golden period' that spanned summer and early autumn 2001, before Digigate kicked in and all the funnees vanished. There would be no more from The Man until late 2002, when Teletext conceded that they'd been idiots and allowed Biffo to restore Digi to its former glory.

28 MAY 2018

Today we have a total of 52 Man's Daddy jokes added to the site, mostly from 2001 (do a search for "gruel" - they start directly underneath), which bump up against the infamous Digigate Teletext-enforced culling of humour. From my research, this seems to have come into effect around 15 October 2001, which corroborates Biffo's memories of how things played out. Thanks to Craig Cooper-Flintstone for sending me the ones about tomatoes etc. which he'd saved, as well. We also have a few more Man Diaries, this time from 1999, to add to the growing collection:

25 MAY 2018

Another big Man Diary update for you today, this time with 31 editions from 1998. In amongst them are extra entries for Wormery Owner, from 20/4/98, and Giraffe Journey, from 24/4/98. You can thank the nice Mr @wagoo for many of these, who supplied a bunch of old PC TV card files that he'd saved back in the '90s. While I don't have the software to access them properly, I was at least able to get at the text by opening them in Notepad. If anyone can open and display teletext VTP files, then I'd love to get your help in viewing them properly - not least because there are a few full runs of The Snakes' outings on the weekend letters page that it would be brilliant to have on the site. Mail superpage58@gmail.com if you fancy doing a good deed.

23 MAY 2018

Twelve Man's Daddy jokes have been added - the first three on the page are from 1995, and the last nine (before the page gets into The Man's jokes at the bottom, after his daddy's) are more recent, from Digitiser 2000 (including the January 2018 25th anniversary material). Zing-zing-zing-zingers!

21 MAY 2018

Four editions of Ring-sir have been added to the site - two from 1995, one from 1996, and the special 2018 '25 Years Of Digitiser' run-out for Phoning Honey. The 'New TV Show' transcript is missing the last one or two pages, so if you have have them, please do mail superpage58@gmail.com with them so it can be completed.

19 MAY 2018

The Man Diary archive has been updated again with 27 editions from 1996:

8 MAY 2018

The Man Diary archive has been updated with a whole raft of entires from 1995 - older than any previously on the site, including some gems featuring Prints and Frank Butcher.

Here's the full rundown:

5 MAY 2018

The in-depth feature on the feud between Digi and Mean Machines Sega was added. As was this very update page; a new page to cover Digitiser: The Show; a dedicated contact details page to make it easier to "engage" with me; and a Super Page 58 sitemap to help with navigation if the links aren't accessible for some reason.

13 FEBRUARY 2018

After nearly 17 years without an update, Super Page 58 came back with a full site redesign and relaunch. Actual new content was even added. Including! The final ever edition of Digitiser from 9 March 2003; a nascent Ring-Sir! archive, which wasn't covered before; plus the 1995 Digitiser Pant-Oh. We're back, Daddy!