25 MAY 2018

Another big Man Diary update for you today, this time with 31 editions from 1998. In amongst them are extra entries for Wormery Owner, from 20/4/98, and Giraffe Journey, from 24/4/98. You can thank the nice Mr @wagoo for many of these, who supplied a bunch of old PC TV card files that he'd saved back in the '90s. While I don't have the software to access them properly, I was at least able to get at the text by opening them in Notepad. If anyone can open and display teletext VTP files, then I'd love to get your help in viewing them properly - not least because there are a few full runs of The Snakes' outings on the weekend letters page that it would be brilliant to have on the site. Mail superpage58@gmail.com if you fancy doing a good deed.

23 MAY 2018

Twelve Man's Daddy jokes have been added - the first three on the page are from 1995, and the last nine (before the page gets into The Man's jokes at the bottom, after his daddy's) are more recent, from Digitiser 2000 (including the January 2018 25th anniversary material). Zing-zing-zing-zingers!

21 MAY 2018

Four editions of Ring-sir have been added to the site - two from 1995, one from 1996, and the special 2018 '25 Years Of Digitiser' run-out for Phoning Honey. The 'New TV Show' transcript is missing the last one or two pages, so if you have have them, please do mail superpage58@gmail.com with them so it can be completed.

19 MAY 2018

The Man Diary archive has been updated again with 27 editions from 1996:

8 MAY 2018

The Man Diary archive has been updated with a whole raft of entires from 1995 - older than any previously on the site, including some gems featuring Prints and Frank Butcher.

Here's the full rundown:

5 MAY 2018

The in-depth feature on the feud between Digi and Mean Machines Sega was added. As was this very update page; a new page to cover Digitiser: The Show; a dedicated contact details page to make it easier to "engage" with me; and a Super Page 58 sitemap to help with navigation if the links aren't accessible for some reason.

13 FEBRUARY 2018

After nearly 17 years without an update, Super Page 58 came back with a full site redesign and relaunch. Actual new content was even added. Including! The final ever edition of Digitiser from 9 March 2003; a nascent Ring-Sir! archive, which wasn't covered before; plus the 1995 Digitiser Pant-Oh. We're back, Daddy!