The superheroes of teletext recovery are back with the absolute Digi mother lode for us in this update. We have complete editions thus: 21/1/94 (thanks to teletext recovery godfather Jason Robertson), 27/5/95, 3/6/95, 10/6/95, 17/8/96, 24/8/96, 31/8/96, 10/7/98 (all recovered by Tom Pitt and cleaned-up and supplied by Tim Bisley); plus the Tim/Tom team have also discovered the missing pages from 7/11/97, which now completes that edition. Huge heaps of gratitude go out to these three most excellent fellows for their efforts. There's some solid gold material in this lttle lot, mostly spanning arguably Digi's most anarchic era, so I wouldn't waste any time if I were you. Get: on it.

We thought we'd reached the bottom of Tom Pitt's pile of Digitiser VHS recoveries: we were wrong. He's already back with more, via the inimitable Mr Tim Bisley, who's cleaned-up another three complete editions that Tom has uncovered for us. Excitingly, they're all from the first few weeks of Digi's life, dating all the way back to January/February 1993: 16/1/93, 23/1/93, 6/2/93. We also have a sparkly new updated version of 9/1/93 provided by Tom, which replaces a recovery that wasn't as high res and contained some errors. Massive thanks once again to these hardworking gents for their stellar efforts. It's a bit good, this teletext recovery business, eh?

Four more complete editions of Digitiser are now ready for your lovin', with eternal thanks as ever to the Tim/Tom axis of messrs Bisley and Pitt: 22/1/00, 25/4/00, 2/5/00, 16/5/00. But that's not all, because they've also brought us the missing reveals from the 16/12/95 edition too - and when you catch sight of that advent image reveal, you'll know it was worth it (I've left the old and new side by side for "maximum" "impact"). Much appreciation to the T-Men!

Time for a "clutch" of Digi recoveries all from the Space Year 1999 AD now, courtesy of the Tim Bisley/Tom Pitt production line, which just keeps on pumping out the quality. Regard-le-pompt: 18/6/99, 25/6/99, 25/8/99, 26/8/99. Watch as ruddy great dollops of gratitude are thrust into the productive pair's laps. Thank!

Super-gents Tim Bisley and Tom Pitt are back once again with the ill behaviour splendid Digi recoveries, this time bequeathing us a batch of six editions, with 200 pages-worth of goodness: 22/10/94, 7/6/97, 26/12/97 (partial recovery), 30/6/98, 26/1/99, 11/2/99. Ludicrously large thanks to them for their stellar efforts: Tom for the recovery work, and Tim for cleaning them up all nice and shiny for us.

24 AUGUST 2020
We're back with another multi-flavoured updated, starting off with one new recovered edition of Digi - 22/8/97, with big old thanks as ever to Tom Pitt for unearthing it, and Tim Bisley for cleaning it up and sending it over. The other main update is to the You Have Messed-Up: Letters From Idiots page, which has been updated with a total of 154 of the most interesting/funny/sardonic responses to letters from Digi's readers. That's the first update the page has had since it first went up two years ago, so I had some work to do gathering all the letters that have been recovered since then! Other than that, we also have six new Man's Daddy jokes (plus one Daddy-style joke circa 1997, before he was brought back as a regular character); I've added "Clarkuss" and an image of Oberon Talc & Dogson Dagg to the characters A-Z, the Mr Biffo interviews page has had a new interview he gave to the Dis Is Your life podcast added to it, I've stuck a load more reveals up, and added the Star Trek Man Diary from the recovery above to the diary index. Lastly, I recently made an appearance on the esteemed Teletext R podcast, where I was interviewed all about Digi and this site. It went pretty well. So well, in fact, that according to Biffo it's possibly the best podcast about Digitiser ever, so you might like go and have a listen if you're "so inclined". Aaaaand that about does it.

21 JULY 2020
It's a varied update this time around, kicking off with three newly recovered editions of Digi, once more supplied and tarted-up by Tim Bisley: 7/5/96, 22/8/96 (both by anon), 7/9/96 (recovered by Tom Pitt). Big thanks as ever to these prolific gents. I've already added the spoils to their respective pages, so there are three more Man Diaries (see below), one new top 10 ("sentences using every letter of the alphabet"), and 20 reveals. I've also revameped the Mr Biffo interviews page - there are now 40 of them listed on there going all the way back to 1996 - that's 10 times as many interviews as there used to be. Now, how about those Man Diaries:

7 May 1996 - BEING A GIANT
22 August 1996 - GIANT CATCHER
7 September 1996 - MONKEY TRAINER

10 JULY 2020
The vast backlog of material from the last two months of recoveries have now been added to the site in their various homes: we have new stuff from Morse & Lewis, The Snakes, Insincere Dave, more fake adverts, more celebrity pin-ups, a new Ring-sir!, 31 extra Digi top 10s, 4 Digi jokes (not technically The Man's Daddy, but in his style - they're at the bottom of the page), and no less than 61 Man Diaries (see below). On top of that, the characters A-Z has been updated with the following parade of little guys: Advent Animal, Britt Slaps, Called Spite, Captain Five Skills, Catkin Hard, Dougli Starman, Gus Mann, Howard Howe, John Meccano, King, Lucy Parve, Niels, Odin, Pagan James, Robertson Sexus and Sarcastic Dave. Phew! Now, how about those Man Diaries:

29 December 1993 - WALK ON! WITH PAT WALKER
26, 27 January 1994 - JOINING A CULT
5, 8 February 1994 - IN FRANCE
16, 19 February 1994 - IN HELL
26 February - DOING DISCOS
16, 21, 23 May 1994 - OLD FOLK IN THE ATTIC
27, 30 May 1994 - BEING A COPPER
3 June 1994 - BEING A FIREMAN
1, 5 July 1994 - IN CAPTIVITY
7, 8, 11 July 1994 - IN THE 4TH DIMENSION
13, 15, 21 July 1994 - WITH A FAMOUS POP SINGER
29, 30 July, 4 August 1994 - HEALING FEET
12 August 1994 - HAVING FEVER
19 August 1994 - IN HOSPITAL
29 October 1994 - IN COURT
5 November 1994 - THINKING HE'S "BYRON"
19 November 1994 - PATERNITY SUIT
17 January 1995 - ADULT EDUCATION
4 February 1995 - WITH POP STAR "PRINTS"
4 April 1995 - IS A WEREWOLF
10, 11 April 1995 - DESIGNING FUN FAIR RIDES
18 April 1995 - IS AN ARCHITECT
25 April 1995 - IS A WRESTLER NOW
27 July 1995 - FAKING HIS DEATH
22 September 1995 - AT HIS FRIEND'S
18 November 1995 - TOURIST GUIDE
26 December 1995 - CHRISTMAS STORY
22 January 1996 - BEING A BARBER
20 April 1996 - BEING A GENETICIST
11 May 1996 - BEING A GIANT
25 May 1997 - MOVIE SPECIAL FX
10 June 1997 - WINDOW CLEANER
19 July 1997 - TOY STORY MAN
31 December 1997 - SECRET AGENT
30 September 1998 - PAVEMENT ARTIST
24 October 1998 - BIG TOMATO

3 JULY 2020
Another engorged update for you now, with recoveries from a total of 15 (FIFTEEN) different editions of Digi. As has been the case for the extraordinarily fertile last couple of months, they're provided and cleaned-up by super-guy Tim Bisley, with the recovery work being done by the prolific pair that is Tom Pitt and the gent who wishes to remain anonymous. Please observe: 31/12/97, 3/4/98 (h/t anon), 25/5/98, 30/9/98, 12/4/99, 25/12/99, 8/4/00, 10/4/00, 17/4/00, 10/7/00, 4/8/00, 22/8/00 (all by Tom Pitt), and the final three from anon: 26/7/01, 2/8/01, 31/10/97 (gaps in the charts filled only).

24 JUNE 2020
Six days is a long time when it comes to Digi recoveries at the moment - just that short wait has seen another 364 images from 13 editions (9 brand new, the others filling in gaps in existing pages) turn up via that man Tim Bisley. Let the feast begin: 12/5/93, 11/7/94, 13/7/94, 20/7/94, 21/7/94,4/2/95 (all recovered by our anonymous friend), 27/7/95 (recovered by Tom Pitt), 22/9/95, 26/12/95, 22/1/96, 24/5/97 (h/t anon), 4/5/98, 11/5/98 (h/t Tom Pitt). I say this every time, but I'm enormously grateful to them all yet again for their superhuman contributions. The whole Digi community is. I've also given a home to the stunning final episode of Mr Biffo's Lost Footage - if you haven't watched it yet, you really should you know.

18 JUNE 2020
We're staying in Digi's early days for this update, with another seven recoveries across 1993 and 1994: 11/3/93, 18/3/93, 25/3/93 (thanks to Tom Pitt for these three), 26/1/94, 26/2/94, 5/7/94, 7/7/94 (and thanks to our anonymous benefactor for these four). As ever, Tim Bisley deserves immense credit for doing all the running and cleaning these up, and Tom put in a huge amount of work to enable a poor quality tape to produce the splendid goods we have before us. All three of them really are most excellent fellows.

14 JUNE 2020
Time for a tour through Digi's earliest days in this update, with six recovered editions from 1993 and one from 1994. They're once again provided by your friend and mine, Tim Bisley, who continues to do tireless work getting hold of all this material, with the recoveries themselves being made by Tom Pitt and the same anonymous gent of the past few weeks. Point your eyes here now: 1/6/93 (h/t Tom), 23/7/93 (h/t anon), 27/8/93 (h/t anon), 4/12/93 (h/t Tom) 18/12/93 (h/t anon) 29/12/93 (h/t anon) 2/2/94 (h/t anon).

7 JUNE 2020
A quick blast of complete editions from Digi's eary and late periods in this update, unearthed by an ensemble cast of recovery heros, and coordinated by Tim Bisley: 4/3/93, 10/4/93 (both provided by Tom Pitt), 10/6/97 (thanks to Jason Robertson), 29/3/02 (thanks to Andrew Nile).

3 JUNE 2020
The updates continue coming "thick" and "fast". Tom Pitt and Tim Bisley are back yet again with another batch of Digi recoveries, plus there's one more contributed by our lovely anonymous gent. All have been recovered by Tom and cleaned-up by Tim unless otherwise stated. Now look here, will you: 8/4/93, 27/4/98 (gaps filled), 24/10/98 (h/t anon), 27/3/00, 17/7/00, 24/7/00.

1 JUNE 2020
Back again? Well: the well of Digis just keeps on spurtin' and gurglin' the good stuff. It might "blow" its "top" at any moment! We have another 318 recovered pages from 12 editions (9 of which are brand new, and 3 fill in the gaps in incomplete editions), courtesy of - you guessed it - Tom Pitt and Tim Bisley. Somebody give those boys a medal. One of these editions is kindly provided by the gent from a few weeks ago who wished to remain anonymous. Hey! Ho! Let's blow (go): 16/1/95, 4/4/95, 10/4/95, 11/4/95, 18/4/95, 25/4/95, 20/4/96, 2/5/97, 19/7/97 (anon), 20/4/98 (gaps filled), 18/5/98 (gaps filled), 1/6/98 (gaps filled).

29 MAY 2020
The dream team of Tom Pitt and Tim Bisley are back yet again with more wonderful Digi recoveries, all from 1994 this time round: 16/2/94, 2/5/94, 23/5/94, 30/5/94, 13/6/94, 4/8/94. Spoilt rotten, we are. I'm not sure there are enough sweets in the world to thank them for the bounty they're bestowing lately.

26 MAY 2020
The Digi windfall keeps on giving: Tom Pitt's back with yet more early '90s recoveries, ably assisted by the scholar and gentleman that is Tim Bisley with the cleaning and the organising. There are some significant discoveries in this batch, so you'd better not waste anymore time here: 31/8/93, 30/9/93, 14/10/93, 11/11/93, 27/1/94, 8/2/94.

20 MAY 2020
Prepare to be soaked in another torrent of brilliant complete early '90s editions of Digi - once again recovered by Tom Pitt and coming to us via the tireless Tim Bisley. Look, here they come now: 28/5/93, 16/5/94, 17/12/94, 15/4/95, 18/11/95.

16 MAY 2020
It's an absolute Digi bonanza of an update this time, with yet more incredible recovered editions - this time recovered by four separate heroes. Tim Bisley has done some sterling work coordinating things and cleaning up submissions from others. Let's not hang around, because there's some absolute gold to get through: 5/2/94 (recovered by Tim Bisley), 19/2/94 (the missing 10 pages have been added, recovered by MarcPL), 21/5/94, 30/7/94, 8/10/94, 29/10/94, 5/11/94, 19/11/94 (all recovered by newcomer Tom Pitt, and what superb editions they are), 27/7/95 (partial recovery, from Tim again), 11/5/96 (recovered by Jason Robertson from a tape submitted by John Veness). Enormous thanks to everyone for these brilliant efforts, it's been such a treat to see them. Do check out Jason's new teletext archive, as well, it's simply phenomenal. Finally, the wonderful most recent episode of Mr Biffo's Lost Footage - How Are Babies Made? - has been added to the site as well. Bonjour le pompt-de-do!

8 MAY 2020
The final batch of complete 1994 editions of Digi provided by our anonymous benefactor via Tim Bisley are now nestling safely in The Vault: 29/7/94, 5/8/94, 12/8/94, 19/8/94. Tim has also provided an edition from 1999 which he recovered himself - sadly the recording was poor and quite a few lines have been lost, but most of what's there is still readable: 9/3/99. A thousand thanks once again to both Mr Bisley and Mr Unknown for these lovely recoveries. Do we think we know when Onion Owl appeared now? Judging by Captain Five Skills, I'm thinking it was late July/early August '94, which would fit with when the X-Head comic strip was published in Mean Machines Sega. Hopefully we'll see him one day.

6 MAY 2020
Another four complete 1994 editions of Digi, bequeathed by our anonymous benefactor via the conduit of Tim Bisley (who also did an excellent job of cleaning them up), have just been added to The Vault: 1/7/94, 8/7/94, 15/7/94, 22/7/94. What a treat they are too - engorged thanks once more to Mr Mysterious and Tim.

4 MAY 2020
Ladies and gentlemen, we have another new teletext recovery gent among us - though he wishes to remain anonymous. The mystery man has been in touch via fellow recovery star Tim Bisley with a "clutch" of full 1994 recoveries of Digi. Tim has cleaned them up for us, and the first four are live for you to regard right this very now: 27/5/94, 3/6/94, 17/6/94, 24/6/94. Mr Mystery, whoever you are - thanks!

29 APRIL 2020
There's new stuff all over the bloody shop in this update - starting off with two new full recovered editions of Digitiser from 30/3/99 and 6/4/99, provided by the excellent Mr Tim Bisley; three more Digi Top 10s, an extra Rapping Shoe rap (at the very bottom of the page), one more Man's Daddy joke (again towards the bottom, before The Man's jokes), a single Snakes cartoon from the early Digitiser 2000 days (right at the end), 2 more star pin-ups have been added in the form of The Mitchell Brothers and Tommy Tallarico, 18 more reveal-ohs have been dotted throughout their page, the latest episode of Mr Biffo's Lost Footage can be watched on here, and four more characters have been added to the characters A-Z: Duddly King, Homer Simpson, Howard String, and Willy Wonka. Finally, another 10 Man Diaries have also been added to the archive:

13 August 1994 - HAVING FEVER
12 November 1994 - BEING A SCULPTOR
25 March 1996 - BEING A SMUGGLER
20 November 1998 - MINNIE THE MONKEY
13 March 1999 - CAT WORMER
30 March and 1 April 1999 - POET LAUREATE
6 April 1999 - LONELY HEARTS

22 APRIL 2020
It's a varied assortment for you in this update: Insincere Dave now has his very own page - I'm sure he's worth it!!!!!!! - and Morse and Lewis' recently recovered exploits with cursed relics has been added to their page. I've also given a home to the full video of Digitiser Live 2019 now that's been shared, and the latest Monkeys episode of Lost Footage. On top of that, and I appreciate you'll probably be far less excited about this than I am, I've completely redesigned the site navigation system so that there are now landing page menus for the About Digi, Characters, Archives, Other Stuff, and Mr Biffo categories of content. Site info is still in the drop-down, but it's much tidier now as a result. It should make it far easier for you to get around the site - especially if you're viewing on mobile. There was just too much stuff for the drop-down menus to cope with before - I'm a victim of my own success!!!!!!!?!!!

14 APRIL 2020
A whole new section has just gone live on the site to keep a record of all the Digitiser-related live events that have taken place over the years. There's information, photos, video, and audio from everything from Mr Biffo's panels at retro gaming conventions, Digifest 2016's Digi love-me-do, all the way back to Biffo's Digi leaving party in 2003. The full video of Digitiser Live 2019 isn't included just yet - it'll be added once Biffo shares it beyond backers and Patreon supporters, which should be fairly soon. There's still loads of other material on Digi Live, though, and Chunky Fringe is covered in full - with all the details and extra video content you could possibly want. I've also got around to reorganising the Biffo videos page, which now has links to each and every episode of the shows it has listed, which are embedded on their very own pages right here on the site. Which is nice. Now stay safe, you lot, OK? OK.

30 MARCH 2020
More recovered Digi for you in this update, with lashings of thanks going once again to Tim Bisley for his stellar efforts in liberating them from their VHS prisons. There are four editions from 1999 this time, with highlights including the start of the spoof scripts appearing on the Man Diary page, and a performance from Morse that Linda Blair would be proud of: 19/1/99, 13/3/99, 16/3/99, 23/3/99.

22 MARCH 2020
We have the latest fruits of superstar teletext recovery gent Tim Bisley's work in this update, with six lovely complete editions of Digitiser from all across its history. Nestling comfortably in the The Vault now are editions from 12/7/94, 22/12/97, 16/2/98, 2/10/99, 18/6/01, and 27/10/01 (one of the early editions from the controversial 'Digigate' era, and the one from which Panel 4 columnist Stuart Campbell had his final column for Digi excised, a furious piece raging at Teletext's treatment of Digi. According to Biffo, it didn't exactly help Digi's cause). Anyway. That's over 200 images of Digi goodness for you to douse yourself in while you're social distancing (you are social distancing, aren't you?)

19 MARCH 2020
No, this site hasn't succumbed to coronavirus, thankfully - I haven't had access to my PC for the last 3 weeks amid an epic house decorating endeavour. Aaaaanyway, we're back now, and - hey, how about we complete the archive of Biffovision columns? The final four articles Mr Biffo contributed to Edge are now on the site, making 66 of them in total. They are: 183 (Christmas 2007), 184 (January 2008), 185 (February 2008), and 186 (March 2008). And then? Then regular updates can resume once more. Stay safe, everyone.

29 FEBRUARY 2020
Another four Biffovision columns for you in this update, with only four remaining to complete the set. This is what's new on the site: 179 (September 2007), 180 (October 2007), 181 (November 2007), and 182 (December 2007).

24 FEBRUARY 2020
Teletext recovery hero Tim Bisley has come into possession of a brand new batch of around 100 tapes, and the first Digi fruits of this pile are now nestling comfortably in the Vault: he's kindly given us a total of 147 recovered images to enjoy, spanning editions from 13/8/94, 12/11/94, 25/3/96, and 20/11/98. Lots to enjoy in this batch already; let's hope things continue in such a rich vein!

17 FEBRUARY 2020
Quite a varied update for you this time - we have a brand new page of Digitiser pin-ups and celebrity portraits, a flood of new reveal-ohs have been added to their page (the bulk of them are about half way down, but they're dotted throughout), and the most recent two fake adverts have been put on theirs. On the recovered teletext front, Tim Bisley has been doing more good work, giving us a full edition of Digi from 13/12/95, and he's managed to fill in the gaps on a previous submission of his from 1/3/97. It doesn't end there, though - I recently got my hands on issue 16 of Sega Pro from February 1993. This is the edition that included a news story on the launch of Digi - but what we didn't realise until now is that the accompanying images were never-broadcast pre-launch test pages from 1992! Excitingly, Tim was able to examine these pre-historic pages and accurately recreate them in a teletext editor - they now sit on their own unbroadcast 1992 page within the Vault. This is a monumental discovery, and I'm hugely grateful to Tim for being able to resurrect these pages for us to enjoy and gawp at. We all owe him our thanks on this one. What else could still be out there...?

10 FEBRUARY 2020
Four more Biffovision columns for you in this update, as we creep towards the end of the run - just eight left to be added now. This is what's new on the site: 175 (May 2007), 176 (June 2007), 177 (July 2007), and 178 (August 2007).

A whole load of Digi pages have been added to the Vault - 279 images from 12 editions, in fact. Watch out, here they come now: 20/9/99, 4/3/00, 5/7/00, 15/7/00, 19/7/00, 8/8/00, 20/1/01, 27/12/01, 29/12/01, 13/3/02, 12/6/02, 29/6/02. As ever, profuse thanks go to: Andrew Nile for providing most of them (please note the 4/3/00, 29/12/01, 13/3/02, 12/6/02, and 29/6/02 editions are his 'offcuts'; recoveries from just a few minutes of recordings, so are missing pages and/or have a number of errors). To: Tim Bisley for kindly giving us the ediiton from 27/12/01. And to: Jason Robertson for providing the 20/1/01 edition. I was able to find the remaining three single-page updates hidden away in the vastness of the web, cold and shivering, from where I rescued them and have given them a new home here. Aww.

27 JANUARY 2020
Step right up, ladies and goyters, because this one's a doozy: a whole sweeping update to clear away the backlog of the last couple of months. Get a load of this lot: 3 Ring-sir!s (Saturn Stuff, Counterfeit Goods, PlayStation Profanity), 5 more Snakes, 8 pics of Morse & Lewis, 44 more reveal-ohs, 11 extra Digi Top 10s, 1 more Mr T outing, 2 for Zombie Dave, 29 Man's Daddy jokes (plus 3 Daddy-style jokes that were reveal-ohs, down the bottom of the page), 2 new fake ads (plus a star profile from Davros), images from the last missing edition of Super Control - number 8 - (plus a couple more from Mega Drive Advanced Gaming issues 18 and 20, with immense thanks to the man they call Reversible Sedgewick). And on top of all that? Atop all that sits a whole 22 more Man Diaries:

31/12/94: PHOTO ALBUM
6/3/95: IS A GHOST NOW
15/7/95: MAGICIAN
10/5/96: BEING A GIANT
14/9/96: SUPER-HERO
16/5/97: CRISP MAKER

20 JANUARY 2020
It's another four Biffovision columns for you in this update. Not many left to go before we complete the collection now! Here's the latest batch: 170 (Christmas 2006), 171 (January 2007), 173 (March 2007), and 174 (April 2007).

13 JANUARY 2020
Tonight's update is a double-double-header. No, I'm not stammering; nor is it what Shaun Ryder calls a really-well headed goal in the game of football - it means we have two things twice, or something. Regardez: two new editions of Digi have been recovered in the forms of 22/4/00, (thanks to Tim Bisley) and 11/7/00 (courtesy of Andrew Nile); plus another two Biffovision columns in these shapes: 167 (October 2006), 169 (December 2006).

6 JANUARY 2020
Bon anniversaire! The first update of 2020 is here! Here is the first update of 2020: the next four Biffovision columns are ready for you now. Here they come, look: 160 (March 2006), 161 (April 2006), 162 (May 2006), and 163 (June 2006). Here!

30 DECEMBER 2019
Happy New Annus! In the words of BW in this update, how was your festive? Well, the festive isn't over yet, as here's one last big present for you: a full 10 (nearly) complete editions of Digi! That's 417 new images in total, sarge. Go on and start 2020 the right way by showering yourself in the brown goodness: 24/9/94 (thanks to Andrew Nile), 1/1/95 (thanks to Alistair Cree), 15/7/95, 23/3/96 (both thanks to Tim Bisley), 14/9/96, 20/2/01, 12/3/01, 13/3/01, 11/8/01, 1/9/01 (all thanks again to Andrew Nile). Toot-toot! Well done.

23 DECEMBER 2019
Your yuletide update is in the shape of this shape: the Biffovision shape. Four more columns have been added like a selection pack of "choc", in these varieties: 155 (November 2005), 157 (Christmas 2005), 158 (January 2006), and 159 (February 2006). Have a lovely festive break, everyone!

16 DECEMBER 2019
Another batch of Biffovision columns have been added to the site: 150 (June 2005), 151 (July 2005), 152 (August 2005), and 154 (October 2005).

It's Biffovision time again with this update, and another four of Mr Biffo's Edge columns have been added to the archive: 145 (January 2005), 146 (February 2005), 148 (April 2005), and 149 (May 2005). Thanks to John Veness for providing images for issues 145 and 146.

The teletext recovery dream team of Tim Bisley and Andrew Nile has come up trumps again, with another five complete editions of Digi - adding 243 more images, and sending us over 11k in the archive. And what a great batch they are - we see here for the first time since September 1993, the near-mythical, phallic-haired EastEnders crooner, Danny Taurus! Watch out, here they come now: 24/4/93, 18/9/93, 30/4/94, (thanks to Tim Bisley); 12/8/00, 4/12/00 (thanks to Andrew Nile).

We're heading back to Mr Biffo's 'Biffovision' columns for Edge again this time: his articles from issues 141 (October 2004), 142 (November 2004), 143 (December 2004), and 144 (Christmas 2004) are all now available. Thanks to John Veness for providing images of the latter two, where things take a turn very much for the 'Biffo'...

28 NOVEMBER 2019
And the hits just keep on coming! There's another nine complete/near complete editions of Digi for you in this update, plus a little extra one-image find from early '93. We have a full 269 images in this haul, so you'd better get started: copious thanks as ever to Tim Bisley (for providing Digis from 22/1/93, 1/1/94, 21/11/95, 10/5/96, 16/5/97, 10/10/97) and Andrew Nile (for 31/3/98, 22/7/99, 4/11/99, 23/3/01). You fine fellows are doing Important Work and we're all extremely grateful.

25 NOVEMBER 2019
There's another four of Mr Biffo's 'Biffovision' columns for Edge magazine in this update - specifically, from issues 134 (March 2004), 135 (April 2004), 138 (July 2004), and 139 (August 2004). Many thanks to John Veness for providing images of 134 and 135 for me to transcribe.

21 NOVEMBER 2019
Time for another Digi bonanza, as we have yet another eight full editions and 300 images, with eternal thanks once more to those superstars of teletext recovery, Tim Bisley (18/7/96, 24/6/97, 21/2/98, 4/4/98, 6/3/99, 15/12/99) and Andrew Nile (7/2/98, 20/2/02). There's so much great stuff in these ones, so you'd better waste no time and get stuck right in.

18 NOVEMBER 2019
It's a break from Digi recoveries for this update - right now we return to adding Mr Biffo's column for Edge to the site. Editions of Biffovision circa 2003 from issues 126, 127, 128, and 129 are all live now. And there's much more where they came from...

13 NOVEMBER 2019
The recoveries just keep coming: there's another four to add to the pile now, thanks to that ever-diligent pair Tim Bisley (17/4/93, 20/11/93) and Andrew Nile (11/10/99, 16/2/02). Thanks to these gents we're racking up Digis at the double!

Another deluge of recovered Digi has just burst through the pipes, and it's Tim Bisley (31/3/93, 14/6/93, 6/3/95, 6/4/95, 8/4/95, 5/4/96, 1/3/97, 25/2/99) and Andrew Nile (1/5/97, 21/9/02) who are responsible for getting us emphatically over the 10,000 images mark. Better call a plumber, I guess.

Time to strap in, because this is quite the update. A full 8 (EIGHT) editions of Digi been added to the Vault: 23/4/93, 7/8/97 (both thanks to recovery newcomer Tim Bisley, who has also converted the Larry Bundy Jr photo from 30/1/97 into teletext form), 31/10/97 (thanks to Jason Robertson), and 27/7/98, 31/7/98, 4/11/00, 2/2/02, 15/3/02 (all ecovered by Andrew Nile). This has all turned up a fair bit of extra material, so we have the following Man Diaries added to the archive - Giant Clam, Puffy Jacket, Cereal Manufacturer - plus 4 more Morse & Lewis pics, and 2 very early Snakes outings on the Tips page. On top of all THAT, I've also unearthed the letter to Mr Biffo from Teletext, giving him the gory details about Digigate, which I've linked to on the Timeline page, added a question about Ring-sir! to the FAQs, and finally - thanks to that 1993 edtion of Digi above - given The Man Who Taunts Fear his proper teletext image on the Characters page. That should all keep you occupied for a bit...

17 OCTOBER 2019
Yet more teletext recovery heroics from Andrew Nile have given us another eight full editions of Digi that have just been added to the site: 25/7/98, 13/10/01, 10/11/01, 19/1/02, 4/5/02, 2/7/02, 9/11/02, 14/12/02. That's 369 new Digi images. Crikey, aren't we being spoilt?

5 OCTOBER 2019
A major new page has gone live in this update - there now exists a comprehensive set of Digitiser FAQs, with full Mr Biffo endorsement and trivia contributions!

Recovery superstar Andrew Nile has found yet another 178 new Digi images within his mountain of tapes for your delectation. And: here they are - 16/10/00, 5/5/01, 3/12/01, 22/4/02.

Another four full editions of Digi have been added to the Vault, all from 2001, once again courtesy of Andrew Nile: 25/5/01, 26/5/01, 12/12/01, 15/12/01. On top of that, we now know that it wasn't only the pages of Super Control that The Man appeared in, but Mega Drive Advanced Gaming as well - I've found myself with five issues of containing Digi-related material, with the images all added to the Super Control page. And? And! With The Man's Daddy being victorious in the recent Digitiser Characters World Cup that I ran on Twitter, he posted a whole load of new jokes in celebration - which have been added to his joke page. Hurrah!

It's a real mixture of an update tonight, starting with the unearthing of a new Man With A Long Chin comic strip, from the pages of Super Control #10 - the last issue of the Maverick mag to be published, in March 1994. We also have another four editions of classic Teletext Digi added to the archive thanks once again to Andrew Nile: 21/6/97, 13/10/00, 22/1/02, 8/3/02. That's 159 more images in total between them. These recent additions to the Vault have yielded four new Man Diaries, which I've transcribed and are now included in the Man Diary archive: Paranormal Investogator (24/1/97), Human Guinea Pig (31/1/97), Freak Show Owner (7/2/97), and Hairdresser (21/6/97). On top of that, there's a couple of new Morse & Lewis images at the start of their page, and new Reveals of Cracker and a Man's Daddy-style joke. Yessssssss!

A brand new feature has just been added to the site in the About Digi section - a brief guide to Digi and its history, to help fill people in on its remarkable story (in briefer terms than the tens of thousands of words in the timeline feature!).

We have more wonderful Digi recoveries from Mr Andrew Nile for you tonight - five full editions, and 198 new images of goodness are waiting for you: 7/2/97, 30/10/00, 9/11/00, 5/4/02, 17/7/02.

24 AUGUST 2019
Another 168 images from five full editions of Digi have been added to the Vault, thanks once again to the VHS recovery powers of the marvellous Andrew Nile - 24/1/97, 31/1/97, 22/3/02, 7/10/02, 11/1/03.

13 AUGUST 2019
This is an especially engorged update tonight - not only do we have Andrew Nile's latest Digi VHS recoveries - 4/7/93 (featuring DIY "Kelly" and the Comic Trolley!), 11/7/93, 17/1/97, 6/6/02 - but I've also added a whole load of material from other recent recoveries. Which means: the 1993 and 1998 Christmas Pant-ohs, a Christmas 1998 Ring-sir!, loads of Snakes, including their 1998 'Christmas special' and few more from those halcyon in the run-up to the release of The Phantom Menace; a little more Morse & Lewis, a couple of reveal-ohs featuring The Devil, who I've added to the Characters A-Z along with Connis The Cow-bag, Fat Nost, The Quoon; a clutch of extra Digi Top 10s - and - And! These here Man Diaries:

20/12/93 - 25/12/93: WALK ON! WITH PAT WALKER
1/8/97: ON HOLIDAY

6 AUGUST 2019
This site now has its very own 'About' page! Originally written for the Chunky Text teletext service that ran at Chunky Fringe on the afternoon of Digitiser Live, you can now read The Story Of Super Page 58...

4 AUGUST 2019
What have we got for you today? Only another seven full editions of recovered Digitiser, thanks to the continuing outstanding efforts of Andrew Nile. A total of 252 new Digi images have been added to the Vault, from 9/4/94, 3/1/97, 10/1/97, 29/6/99, 1/3/02, 5/10/02, and 2/11/02 - and that last one is historically significant, capturing the moment when the humour started to return post-Digigate. We now have over 8,000 images from more than 600 editions of Digi. That's around 1,500 more images than when the archive launched less than three months ago - maybe we will get everything one day after all.

28 JULY 2019
Another decent update for you tonight - this time it's a transcript of the 2005 Retro Gamer feature on Digi. It features an interview with both Mr Biffo and Mr Hairs - possibly the first time this has been done - and covers a nice amount of Digi history.

25 JULY 2019
How was Digitiser Live for you? What a superb show. Thanks to everyone who came to Chunky Fringe in the afternoon, too. The first post-Digi Live update is ready for your eyeballs - and they're in for another treat. We have seven new (nearly) full editions of Digi in The Vault thanks to both Jason Robertson and Andrew Nile: 6/5/94, 1/8/97, 25/12/98, 16/5/99, 24/12/00, 24/12/01, and 9/9/02. Go look now, as there's some brilliant stuff - especially in the 25/12/98 edition, which is surely ultimate Digi: a Pant-oh, Ring-sir! AND Snakes Christmas special. Don't cuss Relapse, man.

13 JULY 2019
Now - I hadn't planned on updating again before Digitiser Live. But that man Andrew Nile had something to say about it - specifically, that he'd recovered four full editions of Digi from Christmas 1993 to be added to the Vault. Including the first ever Digitiser Pant-oh, Chinderella! Oh yes - strap yourselves in, because here we go: 20/12/93, 24/12/93, 25/12/93, 27/12/93.

4 JULY 2019
It's another pleasingly bulbous update for you tonight: we have a grand total of 316 new Digitiser images across 8 editions now added to The Vault. Courtesy of TV Whirl Terence, we have an incredible early edition from 19/2/94; Andrew Nile gives us more top notch work: 26/6/01, 26/1/02, 11/3/02, 4/7/02, 13/8/02; and I've even found a near-full edition hidden in the depths of archive.org from 22/2/97; plus a single screen of Mr T's Problem Page from 18/7/00. I'm shocked at how many are still coming in - thanks to the continuing the sterling efforts of the recovery heroes. On top of this, and in some cases as a result of them, I've updated the characters A-Z page with images of Dr Tina (plus a better bio) and LAPD (AKA NYPD); added a new Top 10, and a single image of The Snakes showing how they deal with wasps that stray onto their patch. That do it for you? See you at Digitiser Live on the 20th - do come and say hello!

28 JUNE 2019
The characters A-Z page has finally been updated! That's right - only took 18 years to do it. It's chock full of new names and images, so you better go check it out right now, man.

12 JUNE 2019
That man Andrew Nile has been busy again, and that's very good news for us! His recovery heroics have gifted 169 new Digi images to the Vault, across 4 editions - 3 of which are complete, and the other is just missing a couple of frames. These editions are: 2/4/99, 21/4/00, 11/11/00, and 15/9/01. Andrew is really coming up with the goods at the moment, and isn't showing any signs of slowing down, so be sure to thank him - he's doing a brilliant service to the community.

2 JUNE 2019
Well, it's a lovely big update tonight, with hardly an area of the site going without. This is all due to work on the Vault having unearthed a number of extras that needed to be added. We have new stuff in the Digi Top 10s, Edward Lear limericks, fake adverts, reveals, Snakes, Morse & Lewis, Zombie Dave, Super Control images from issue 9, two more Man Diaries (Practical Joke Fun from 30/5/98, and Department Store Santa from 18/12/97), and the backer special episode of Digitiser The Show has been added (which features me and my big face - see the 15.32 mark). Not only that, but less than a month after it launched, we already have a whole load more recovered Digi screenshots to go in the Vault: five full editions and a handful of other images. They are: 2/4/99, 4/1/00, 22/10/01, 27/2/02, 26/10/02 (courtesy of Andrew Nile, who's given us our first glimpses of Digigate-era pages with the 2001 and 2002 editions there), 30/5/98 (thanks to Jason Robertson), and 22/2/00, 30/8/01, and 22/9/99 (thanks to the wizadry of Alistair Cree - who also re-did his recoveries from 17/3/97 for us so they're even nicer). Gratuitously huge thanks to all for their contributions.

11 MAY 2019
It's here! It's here! It's finally ready! Yes: after more than eight months of work, Super Page 58's Digitiser screenshot archive - newly entitled The Digitiser Vault - is here. Ready for you to browse to your heart's content. The largest collection of full Digitiser pages anywhere on the internet is right here waiting for you to dive in.

The archive would not have been possible if not for the extraordinary efforts of a number of people. Eternal thanks go to Jason Robertson - The Teletext Archaeologist himself – for his incredible contributions to the community, including a large number of editions of Digitiser; Alistair Buxton, for uncovering many editions of Digi, and for creating the original code that allowed the recovery of teletext from video tapes in the first place; Dan Farrimond for being a legend of teletext art, a cornerstone of the community, and for his Digi recoveries; Ant Purves for making an astonishing number of editions of Digi available; Alistair Cree for his fantastic efforts, allowing us to see a number of key editions, and for general encouragement and support; Wagoo for saving dozens of TV card teletext files of truly classic Digi for over two decades; TV Whirl Terence and Alan Wilkinson for their recoveries of Digi from the early 2000s; David McCaffery for having the foresight with his old Digi-Me-Do page to save screenshots from a TV card - and to everyone else who contributed images to this archive, who remain unknown or anonymous. We’re all grotesquely grateful.

Thanks also to Paul Dunning for his help locating more archived images and ensuring they could be displayed in the best possible way, David Walford for the lovely Who-pics, and to the most excellent Matt Barney – long-time friend of Super Page 58 – for his invaluable technical help, which dramatically shortened the amount of time it took to finish creating this archive.

And of course, the greatest thanks of all to Mr Biffo, Mr Hairs, and everyone else who made Digitiser what it is - something worth preserving.


11 FEBRUARY 2019
Zing! Biffo has re-uploaded episode 1 of Digitiser The Show, now remastered with the sound and frame rate issues resolved, so I've updated its corresponding page on the site. You can embed-it-up all you want now, guy.

31 JANUARY 2019
Hello Graham! And also hello to non-Grahams. Look: it's the first site update of 2019. It wasn't all just a 2018 wonder! And what do we have for you on this chilly January evening? Well for starters, there's new images from issues 4, 5, and 6 of Super Control, featuring The Man's comic strips, a Q&A - and! - the full unexpurgated Digitiser/Super Control Lard Challenge! Only three issues of Super Control featuring Digi remain to be tracked down (8, 9, and 10), so if you have or know of any, then by all means please do mail me-up here: superpage58@gmail.com. As if that weren't exciting enough, thanks to Alastair Buxton's fine work recovering teletext from old video tapes, a number of new Morse & Lewis images have been added to their page - including the classic reveal-o-story that featured Cracker. He does like cakes. Elsewhere, a whole 'slew' of Christmas-themed Man's Daddy jokes have been added - 36 in total, plus another four courtesy of The Man himself, from the period (1997) when his Daddy was on unexplained hiatus. Finally, thanks to another teletext recovery hero - Alistair Cree this time - we have one more new Man Diary added to the archive: 17/3/97 - Stage Magician. Go get 'em, kid!

(What's that? The screenshot archive? Yes, it is very much still happening - it gets a little bit closer to coming into existence every day. It's just that I miiiiiiiight have underestimated quite the amount of work that was involved. Sit tight, though, it'll defiitely turn up at some point.)

16 DECEMBER 2018
And so we reach the end of Digitiser The Show series 1, and what a blast it's been from start to finish. Episode 6 is up on the site now, and I've also added all of The Man's Daddy's jokes that have appeared throughout the episodes too. All together now, one last time: moc-moc!

Episodes 4 and 5 of Digitiser The Show are now on the site. I've also added the 2018 advent calendar images to the reveal-o-page - one of which is of The Man's Daddy, so I've also added that joke to his page.

25 NOVEMBER 2018
Episode 3 of Digitiser The Show is now up. This episode is commonly known as the one where Paul Gannon nearly dies.

18 NOVEMBER 2018
Digitiser The Show episode 2 has been added - why not go and play along with Mockety-Moc?

11 NOVEMBER 2018
Digitiser The Show has arrived! New episodes on YouTube every Sunday at 9pm - and they're being added to the site as embedded videos as they go up. Episode 1 is here: now.

It may not be the screenshot archive yet (work continues on there), but this update should keep you going for a while. Thanks to the rediscovery of a huge cache of recovered Digi screenshots (thanks to Alastair Buxton and all who helped locate them), we have a nice big update for you: 25 Man Diaries have been added (see below), 2 editions of Ring-sir! from 1997 and 1999, what seems to the first ever Rapping Shoe rap from October 1997, 4 new fake adverts - including 1995's Rock Meister, the rock answer to 'Das Techno Zone' - and a whole load of Digi collaboration images from the recently-acquired issue 3 of Super Control. I've even updated the Digi timeline with a few corrections and clarifications that this collection of screenshots were able to illuminate (good luck finding them in there, mind...). There's loads to get through, so you'd better start digging in:

-20/5/94 - 24/5/94: OLD FOLK IN THE ATTIC
-6/1/95: PERFUMIER
-23/6/95 - 24/6/95: HYPNOTISED COPPERS
-5/8/95: SQUATTERS
-?/10/95 - 1/11/95: HALLOWEEN PARTY
-2/11/95 - 3/11/95: IN LOST PROPERTY
-4/11/95 - ?/11/95: ROMANCE GUIDE
-?/2/96 - ?/2/96: HIS WOODEN SON
-29/3/96 - ?/?/96: NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH
-?/4/96 - ?/?/96: ON INSECT ISLAND
-?/5/96 - 2?/5/96: BEING A SUPERMODEL
-30/5/96 - ?/6/96: BEING DOCTOR WHO
-?/11/96 - ?/?/96: LIMERICK RECITALS
-?/2/97 - ?/2/97: FREAK SHOW OWNER
-20/6/97 - ?/6/97: HAIRDRESSER
-13/9/97 - ?/9/97: BLUE PETER
-24/10/97 - ?/10/97: PARANORMAL INVESTIGATOR
-?/11/97 - ?/11/97: ROMANCE GUIDE
-27/12/97: FESTIVE FUN
-20/2/99 - ?/2/99: MONKEY TEACHER


Only a small update for you this time, as I'm concentrating on harvesting Digi screenshots for the upcoming archive feature. Nevertheless, there have been a few little tweaks to the Digitiser timeline of events, and I've added the two recent fake adverts that Biffo produced for National Teletext Day.


This is going to be the last update for a litle while as work will soon begin on the world's first consolidated, fully catalogued and indexed Digitiser screenshot archive, which will come before the end of the year. As for this update, we have a mammoth set of Man Diaries, with all of the Digitiser 2000 entries being added, plus a couple from the very earliest days of Digi on Teletext - see below. There's also three more fake adverts (including 'Das Techno Zone 3'!), and an extra little Rapping Shoe rap for you. Why, I've even found the time to add a couple of extra items to the Digitiser timeline of events. Good, eh?

-13/11/14 - 15/11/14: UKCP AND BROWNAROUND
-1/1214 - 3/12/14: FATHER CHRISTMAS
-9/1214 - 11/12/14: VLOGGING
-1/1/15 - 2/1/15: BACK TO THE FUTURE
-18/1/15 - 20/1/15: BEING A MURDERER
-6/2/15 - 8/2/15: HOW TO BE AN INVENTOR
-23/2/15 - 25/2/15: DANCING WITH MADONNA
-20/3/15 - 22/3/15: TOP GEER PRESENTER
-15/4/15 - 20/4/15: AVENGER
-24/4/15 - 26/4/15: MOLECULAR GASTRONOMY
-21/5/15 - 23/5/15: EUROVISION
-27/7/15 - 29/7/15: JAPAN
-1/12/15 - 3/12/15: MISERY AND GREGGS
-23/3/16: BACK IN TIME
-1/1/18 - 2/1/18: TIME MACHINE


Right, this is a big one - for the last three months I've been working on putting together a comprehensive Digitiser timeline of events. And it's finally done - for the first time ever, we know dates and order for key events. I couldn't have done this without the input and guidance of Mr Biffo, and the information provided by so many Teletext sites and recovery geniuses like Jason Robertson.And especially to the lovely David Walford for the image of Dr How. Thanks to you all. Enjoy!


It's another fine crop of Biffovision columns for you this week, with four more being added to the site. And? And: I've only gone and managed to acquire a whole 'slew' more for the purpose of the transcription purpose. Those will be coming soon, but possibly not just yet, for other plans for new content are afoot. This is what we have for you right now, though:


27 AUGUST 2018

Happy Bankuss! There's another four editions of Biffovision for you to gorge yourselves on today, plus I've added an image from the November 1993 issue of Super Control about Digi and The Man to the collaboration page. There be beasties (Biffovisions) here:


20 AUGUST 2018

The Biffovision archiving continues: another four of Mr Biffo's columns for Edge have been added to the site, and there are still plenty more where they came from (I am quite literally in a transcription frenzy at the moment). See? See here:

EDGE #136, MAY 2004 - WORK, DAMMIT

13 AUGUST 2018

First up: hello to all the fine Digi folk I met at PlayExpo London at the weekend. It was lovely to finally make contact with your carporeal selves. Second up: we have another four Biffovision columns for your delectation! Reading them back as I was transcribing the copy, it's remarkable how prescient some of them still are - and in some cases, how little things have changed in 15 years...


7 AUGUST 2018

Wha? Wassat? 'Wha' 'at' is, is the first update of August. And we're now archiving Mr Biffo's monthly columns for Edge - Biffovision. The first four they published are live now. I've also gone and added new menu images for most of the content that didn't previously have them, and done some general site admin and stuff, but that's not interesting, so never mind that and just focus on Biffo's writing, alright? Alright:


31 JULY 2018

The final update of July sees the cast of Digi's correspondents join us, as a whole page of the best letters to Digi has been added (of course, the criteria for 'best letters' being 'best replies from Digi'). All the old favourites are there: Hardy, Dantendo, Fassbender (lie). As a consequence of this page going up, I've also been able to add the last ever letters page to the 'final Digi' section, so that's now entirely complete. Don't be the king of the mess-ups: go read them now.

25 JULY 2018

This one has it all. As updates go, it would be easier to list the pages that don't have new content - but that's a stupid thing to do, so I'm just going to tell you what's changed instead. Get this down your face-hole: characters-wise we have more Zombie Dave, more Snakes, more Morse & Lewis, more Rapping Shoe, and more Mr T. There's even another three Man's Daddy jokes from New Year's Day 1999 (they're the ones immediately before the Edward Snowden joke). Plus? Plus! Another Ring-sir! has been added, from the final week of Digi in 2003; a whole slew of extra joke adverts are now present (including classics such as Totally Turts And Phants and The Tea Prancer) more reveals are on board, and I've even found the time to add some new photos from Biffo's March 2003 Digi leaving do. On top of all THAT - we even have another NINE Man Diary entries for you - see below. I need have a lie down after all that...

19 JULY 2018

The mission to continue documenting the major hallmarks of Digi continues: today's update is a brand new page of reveals! Obviously, with more than ten years of Digitiser having been produced, this is far from complete - but there's some lovely stuff in here, and I'll be adding to it as more gets discovered. Reveal button chak-chak? Chak-chak-reveal-chak-chak!

12 JULY 2018

On 4 July I was lucky enough to be invited up to watch a day of filming for Digitiser The Show. To say it was a fantastic experience would not be going nearly far enough - and you can now read a full report of the day's filming, complete with photos, to find out exactly why. Oh, and to learn about how the show's coming along too, that bit's interesting as well, I suppose.

10 JULY 2018

There's something a bit different for you in this update: we now have Morse & Lewis reunited and on their own page, plus a new page parading Digi's joke adverts from down the years. But that's not the really exciting thing! The really exciting thing is this thing: Paul Mallinson, ex-staffer of SNES mag Super Control in the early-to-mid '90s, has provided a wealth of pictures from their crossover with Digi during that time - and I've collected them together in a gallery page. So we have a few of The Man's comic strips, illustrations by Mr Biffo, and even an extra previously-unseen photo from the 1993 Digitiser / Super Control Lard Challenge. This is super-rare stuff, man: hardly anyone has seen it for years. And now it's here (here). Bo!

3 JULY 2018

A whole load of different stuff for you in this update - we have a few extra outings for not just Zombie Dave and The Snakes (scroll to the bottom of their pages for two updates each), but Mr T as well. He also has two more messages for you - go down to the bottom of the first section, above the problem page, and you'll find them both. On top of that, there's a few more Digi top 10s, and there's even some more Man Diaries from 1998 to for you to enjoy:

26 JUNE 2018

Hot on the heels of The Snakes, now it's Zombie Dave's turn to get a page all to himself! This should bring smiles to the faces of his putrid friends among the living dead, all frrrrrgn wrrrrrnggggrrrrrrz, and anyone else in fact.

21 JUNE 2018

This is the moment many will have been waiting for since this site's return - including me. Yes, prepare to be cussed bad, as The Snakes get their own page at last. You can thank @wagoo on Twitter for sending me a bulging sack full of old TV card files, mostly from 1998, which captured a whole load of the reptilian duo's earliest appearances on Digi - including the very first one, on 11 August 1998. Massive respect, man.

13 JUNE 2018

There's a real treat for you in this update: the 10th anniversary article that Edge published about Digi in January 2003 has been added to the site in its full 5,000+ words glory. And there's more where that came from...

4 JUNE 2018

We've nearly exhausted the available Digi that's out there on the web to be archived, but there's still some more for you in this update. We have 11 limericks from that crazy Edward Lear guy, and a whole bunch of spoof scripts: five Star Wars, five EastEnders, and three Planet Of The Apes. All the latest stuff has been added to the bottom of the pages - it dates from July to September 2001, so like the recent Man Diary updates, this comes from the final days before the shadow of Digigate was cast across the land. As far as future updates go, I still have a lot of transcription to do as there are plenty of quotes to be added, but after that we'll be moving onto completely new pages of content for the site. Mmmm!

1 JUNE 2018

A mixed bag for this update, with a variety of stuff from the final days of Digi on Teletext from 2003. The last 13 Man Diaries to be published are now available (from the days where he only had half the usual space, as he was sharing a pages with the tips), along with The Man's Daddy climactic four jokes from Digi's big blowout last week on air (search for 'kraken', and they're the next four down). And! Not only that, but we get a couple of outings from Mr T as well! Once more, this is from the last week of Digi from March 2003 - search for 'homebuyers' to find the two that have been added. Now is the time for the listing of the Man Diaries:

30 MAY 2018

The final 19 Man Diaries of 2001 have been added to the archive tonight - these are the last ones missing for the whole year, and cover the 'golden period' that spanned summer and early autumn 2001, before Digigate kicked in and all the funnees vanished. There would be no more from The Man until late 2002, when Teletext conceded that they'd been idiots and allowed Biffo to restore Digi to its former glory.

28 MAY 2018

Today we have a total of 52 Man's Daddy jokes added to the site, mostly from 2001 (do a search for "gruel" - they start directly underneath), which bump up against the infamous Digigate Teletext-enforced culling of humour. From my research, this seems to have come into effect around 15 October 2001, which corroborates Biffo's memories of how things played out. Thanks to Craig Cooper-Flintstone for sending me the ones about tomatoes etc. which he'd saved, as well. We also have a few more Man Diaries, this time from 1999, to add to the growing collection:

25 MAY 2018

Another big Man Diary update for you today, this time with 31 editions from 1998. In amongst them are extra entries for Wormery Owner, from 20/4/98, and Giraffe Journey, from 24/4/98. You can thank the nice Mr @wagoo for many of these, who supplied a bunch of old PC TV card files that he'd saved back in the '90s. While I don't have the software to access them properly, I was at least able to get at the text by opening them in Notepad. If anyone can open and display teletext VTP files, then I'd love to get your help in viewing them properly - not least because there are a few full runs of The Snakes' outings on the weekend letters page that it would be brilliant to have on the site. Mail superpage58@gmail.com if you fancy doing a good deed.

23 MAY 2018

Twelve Man's Daddy jokes have been added - the first three on the page are from 1995, and the last nine (before the page gets into The Man's jokes at the bottom, after his daddy's) are more recent, from Digitiser 2000 (including the January 2018 25th anniversary material). Zing-zing-zing-zingers!

21 MAY 2018

Four editions of Ring-sir have been added to the site - two from 1995, one from 1996, and the special 2018 '25 Years Of Digitiser' run-out for Phoning Honey. The 'New TV Show' transcript is missing the last one or two pages, so if you have have them, please do mail superpage58@gmail.com with them so it can be completed.

19 MAY 2018

The Man Diary archive has been updated again with 27 editions from 1996:

8 MAY 2018

The Man Diary archive has been updated with a whole raft of entires from 1995 - older than any previously on the site, including some gems featuring Prints and Frank Butcher.

Here's the full rundown:

5 MAY 2018

The in-depth feature on the feud between Digi and Mean Machines Sega was added. As was this very update page; a new page to cover Digitiser: The Show; a dedicated contact details page to make it easier to "engage" with me; and a Super Page 58 sitemap to help with navigation if the links aren't accessible for some reason.

13 FEBRUARY 2018

After nearly 17 years without an update, Super Page 58 came back with a full site redesign and relaunch. Actual new content was even added. Including! The final ever edition of Digitiser from 9 March 2003; a nascent Ring-Sir! archive, which wasn't covered before; plus the 1995 Digitiser Pant-Oh. We're back, Daddy!