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Being An A&R Man


27/1/96 - BEING AN A&R MAN

I've been recruited by a small independent record label as a talent scout. The boss wants me to check out two new bands: Caterpillar Pockets and Caterpillar Destroyer. Both are said to share a similar sound.

I was told to go to an address in Leeds, but when I eventually found the house, two toughs ran out of the front door and smacked me in with a dudgeon. When I got back to the office, my boss just told me to grow up.

30/1/96 - BEING AN A&R MAN

Initial press reaction to Hut-Hup 7's debut album Whistling Journey has been mixed. Here are some quotes:

"Whistling Journey made me feel like I was making a film about signals."

"Hut-Hup 7 are OK, but I want to go to a race track."

"A concept album about drones? A concerted albole about crynes, more like. It's so surprising."

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