Mr Biffo has made various forays into taking Digi humour onto screens beyond Teletext. While his day job as a screenwriter for hit children's TV series keeps him busy - and the bills at bay - there have been various other projects over the years, which you can find below.


Mr Biffo's Found Footage

The series Biffo was born to make. A rip-roaring comedy-horror tour de force dredged from the depts of his brain stem, featuring twisted humour, insane sketches, bizarre adverts, and everything you would expect to come from Biffo's fevered imagination when he doesn't have anyone else to answer to. Created in 'found footage' style, pieced together from VHS tapes Biffo supposedly found in a carboot sale, it gradually tells a wider sci-fi story, and is essential viewing for all Digi fans. Hail Xenoxxx!


Biffovision - BBC Three Pilot

In 2006 Mr Biffo and Mr Hairs reunited for the first time in nearly ten years, working on a TV pilot for BBC Three. 'Biffovision' was a freewheeling mix of spoof Saturday morning children's TV show, sketches, and surreal humour in the grand Digi tradition, and could have made for a wonderful series had it been picked up. Alas, that never came to pass - but at least we got to meet an android with a metal chuff!



Another TV pilot - the first of Biffo's, in fact - from 2001, 'Knife & Wife' was based on the comic strips of the same name that Biffo had drawn since he was a kid, and had revived in hilarious style for Bubblegun. It featured such legendary talent as Terry Jones, Jessica Heinz (then Stevenson), and Kevin Eldon, and is notable for getting the expression 'moc-moc-a-moc!' on TV. Unfortunately it never hit the highs of the comic strip, or captured its spirit, and Biffo has since stated his disappointment with how it turned out. Still, though: a signifcant piece of Digi history.

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