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Tortoise and Hare


29 September 1999 - TORTOISE AND HARE

I've got a new job as the judge in a local tortoise and hare race. I took the job because I'd mis-read the advert as something to do with a "porpoise with a hairy face". Nevertheless, I feel I can rise to the challenge of adjudicating this most mis-matched of sprints.

The competing hare is a local boy called Raoul Leapy, while the shell-back, Gareth Nemo, is from Leeds. Leapy is a veteran of such competitions, while Nemo comes from a family of racing torties, which included his uncle, Gomez McDonald.

30 September 1999 - TORTOISE AND HARE

I have a new job as judge in a local tortoise and hare race. The race got off to an exciting start yesterday as the arrogant hare went to sleep on the starting line. Though this gave the torty a significant lead, the hare overtook him within two seconds of waking up an hour later, and won the race.

The finishing line-up is as follows:

        WINNER: Hare.

        RUNNER UP: Tortoise.

I look forward to another exciting tortoise and hare race next year.

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