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Cereal Manufacturer



Using the last of my savings I have purchased a small breakfast cereal manufacturer. The backbone of this company has been a range of cereals licensed from popular TV shows.

However, profits have been down of late, due to several brands - Home And Away Flakes and Top Gear Pops - performing worse than expected. To remedy the current malaise, I have purchased the rights to develop a puffed rice and shaped marshmallow pieces product inspired by TV's The Chuckle Brothers.

27 July 1998 1998 - CEREAL MANUFACTURER

I visited the annual cereal manufacturer's expo last night, armed with mocked-up samples of my all-new Chuckle Brothers Puff-Puff Krispies. The cereal itself is clusters of powdered minced halal lamb, mixed with marshmallow pieces shaped into the face of TV's Chuckle Brothers.

I am considering changing the packaging however, which prominently features an image of the brothers. I flashed the box to a number of potential buyers: two of them were sick, while another swore he'd never open his eyes again.

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