The Man With A Long Chin's Diary


Jack Frost


7 November 1998 - JACK FROST

It's all well and good being Jack Frost, the man who puts frost on the ground when it gets cold, but my resources are severely over-stretched. Also my official Jack Frost uniform has seen better days: most of the sequins have fallen off, and there's a big hole in one of my Dr Martens.

I've designed a new uniform which I intend to present to my employers. It looks a bit like an antique deep sea divers' outfit, but with a Bart Simpson mask instead of a helmet.

9 November 1998 - JACK FROST

I broke one of the arch-rules of being Jack Frost yesterday and received a ticking-off from my employers. I'd been gaily sprinkling my frost on a football pitch when I somehow managed to instigate a punch-up between myself and an elderly groundskeeper.

I can't quite remember how it happened, but I seem to recall him looking at me a bit funny, and me asking him what he thought he was looking at, and then me punching him in the mouth.

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