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I want a trash bag!

"Seeing as you're here you probably know what Digi is, but in case you stumbled here by mistake, then you should probably go look here: the Digi For Idiots A-Z. Go now, love. For those of you that can't be bothered, this is briefly what it is:

"Digitiser is the really rather lovely daily (yes that's daily, as in updated every day, man) computer and video games mag (not to be confused with the really quite poo Computer and Video Games Magazine) on Channel 4 Teletext page 480. Mmmm, mmmm: Reviews? News? Chips & Teats? Letters from idiots? You can bet your stuffed guts on it, especially letters from idiots - accompanied by amusing put-downs and name-related laugh-o's for those that decide to mess-up. Or have a stupid name. Nubby nubby nubby!"

I am Daddy Cool!

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