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The following foxy dudes all have links to Super Page 58 on their sites. Why not visit them and make their lives that much more special?

Damien's Hellhole



Sharky XL


The Official Website Of Mr. Nethead

The Eyes Of Doom Website

La Monde de Moi!

Game Borders

Chris' Pokč Page

Shoddy Workmanship - It's my sister's site, dude!

Other Non-Digi Stuff

Mark Radcliffe & The Boy Lard

That's right, the two northern tosspots off the radio. They've been going for a good few years now, starting out on the 10-12 Radio One graveyard shift about seven years ago. Much like Digi they got shifted around the schedule, until they eventually wound up in their present location of the afternoon 2-4 slot, where they've been skinning the competition... ALIVE, and flogging the catchphrases... TO DEATH. With their mix of Quality Items, banter and general gubbins they're the best thing on your afternoon wireless. Broadcasting from the BBC's Palace Of Glittering Delights up there in Manchestessestershershire they'll have you laughing like you would not Adam and believe it. Blimey Charlie! Fancy a brew, our kid?

Scrawn & Lard - The Unofficial Mark Radcliffe & Lard Site

Fancy A Brew?

The Palace Of Glittering Delights

The Shirehorses Shrine

The Mark & Lard Webring

Chris Morris

Chris Morris is the almighty god of the prank, and patron saint of sickle-sharp political satire and parody. He belittles the self-righteous, ridicules the pompous and self-serving, and takes a general swipe at the arse of those that take themselves too seriously. Including the media, and especially those that produce, and fall for their over-produced, over-excited self-important news and current affairs items. Hence On The Hour, The Day Today and the so-close-to-the-knuckle-that-it-hurts genius that was Brass Eye. Digi love him, I love him. You ought to love him too. I'll certainly certainly continue to do so while he convinces unsuspecting celebrities and politicians to make fools of themslves, spurting out the complete nonesense that he somehow gets them to recite. Dr Fact is knocking at the door - someone, please, let the man in...

Rethink's Chris Morris Guff

The Felchspoon

Glebe's Thrift Funnel

Chris Morris At Comedynet


Even without Bill Berry R.E.M. are still officially the best band in the world ever. These are a few of the best sites on the web devoted to their brilliance:


File Under REM

REM Perfect Circle Web Ring index

Believe In Anything When You're Here

Brighton & Hove Albion F.C.

Check out the following lovely sites to keep up with the push to get out of the ugly maelstrom that is Division 3:


The Official Brighton & Hove Albion Website

North Stand Chat

Please, Palace fans, concentarte on your own desperate club's affairs, and leave this place ALONE.

Brighton at Yahoo! Football

The Brighton section of Team Talk

The Official Nationwide League Brighton Site

Seagulls! Seagulls! Seagulls! - etc.

Father Ted

The Craggy Island Examiner

The Parochial House

Father Jack' Poetry Corner

Father Jack's one dimensional witterings dissected as literay prose- brilliant!

The Harry Hill Unofficial Website

Girls? Ugh!

Stupid People, Crime and Current Events

Ain't It Cool News

Lee & Herring

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